We have potholder fever so the winner of this weeks FRIDAY{SURPRISE}PRIZE is:
KP who said…
You don’t need a sewing machine to make a potholder! Whip out a needle and thread! It’ll look good either way 🙂
Amen sister! No excuses not to enter the awesome contest to win one of two amazing new sewing machines from Brother.

So, KP, What color pom-poms would you like? If that’s you, go ahead and send us your address using the contact form and we will send you your poms of choice. Winners have 5 days to contact us before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.

Find out the next Friday Surprise Prize after the jump…

So our next Friday Surprise Prize is… the goods to make your own Pretty Potholder: Part 2, meaning 7″x18″ of my beloved chicken fabric and matching gray bias tape. We will let you supply your own recycled towel.

Go ahead and leave your usual awesome comments on any and all posts this week, and we will let you know who the winner is next Friday.  Happy commenting!




aw phooey. i lost.
i have a hard time saying yes to the trim in the store. i can never seem to decide if its fantastic or if in reality, its stupid.
i mean, who wants stupid trim?


No trim is "stupid" Jess, unless of course it says "stupid trim" on it. If you like the trim, then you can rock the trim on whatever you make with it. I can tell you have a creative spirit that wants to play with trim (heehee)


I've spent the last 15 minutes staring at the chicken fabric wondering what the orange things are. Are they oranges? Scary colored egg yolks? who knows. And a better question is, what do orange balls have to do with chickens?


Love the scrappy potholder you shared with us this week. I have so many scraps from various projects…what a great way to use them up! And, I am in desperate need of a new potholder…


I think it is a pretty fabric. If I saw a it on the bolt , I thought uuggh but on this potholder..I am in awe….maybe chicken's eggs and orange juice for breakfast????


I've just discovered this tutorial: it's awesome! For me who do not have a sewing machine and who live in France (which means very expensive batting, making it definitely not worth making any potholder), the simplicity & the use of a towel are just what I needed!
Thanks so much!

Heather Louise

Seriously, who could pass up chicken fabric? Not me! Thank you. My cousin and I are working on our potholders for the contest. Should be done next week.


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