This week we are giving away the goods to make your own Pretty Potholder: Part 2, meaning 7″x18″ of Jacinda’s beloved chicken fabric and matching gray bias tape. We are letting you supply your own recycled towel.

This week’s winner is from this morning’s Link Love post, because, well, we’re suckers for a compliment (and we’re proud of our teeth). Jessica from A Little Gray said: Can I just say I love the picture of you two up there on the welcome? I don’t know how long it’s been there, but I’m just noticing it. It says, “Hi, we are the two moms putting our heads together to bring you Prudent Baby. Plus, we both have really nice teeth. Nice to meet you.”

Go ahead and send us your address using the contact form and we will send you your prize. Winners have 5 days to contact us before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.

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This week’s Friday Suprise Prize is a gorgeous giant spool of Kreinik Fashion Twist Machine Sewing Thread in the beautiful sparkly shade of Jade. It’s a mint green and silver twist and it’s awesome!

I’ve used the gold (on my laptop sleeve) and jacinda’s used the silver on her laptop sleeve, and last week I sewed 20 tutus with the pink! I’m sad to part with this pretty green but I am so lucky to have received a giant box from Kreinik and I just had to share with one of you Prudent Mamas.

So go ahead and leave comments on any and all posts this week, and we will pick our fave next Friday. Have a lovely weekend!




Sparkles…Yes, I am addicted to anything that sparkles and shines! I could think of a million things to make with it! I love the shade of green too. <3


How did you have time to sew 20 tutus?! You have this site, you write on other sites, you are a wife, and mother of a toddler! Woman do you sleep?! I need your organization and energy. Also,I seriously love the green thread it matches my eyes!


aaahahahahahaa! YES! Flattery will get you everywhere I guess. Maybe you should actually change the welcome message to say that…I'm just sayin.

Taylor {Sew Much Love}

Sweet! So this is also random but do you have that Orla Kiely mat from Target underneath it?!? I have one too but mine is NOT that clean! I wish mine was clean like yours again. πŸ™‚


taylor that pic is not of ours, but i have the same matt and i put my dog's food on it and umm, it's not that pretty either πŸ™‚


I just discovered your blog. i am a novice sewer (whoa that doesn't sound clean at all) and am looking everywhere for inspiration. your site seems to have a lot of answers. I hope to enter the pot holder contest if i can dwindle my to-sew list a bit more before that.


I love the green. My granddaughter (a faming diva) is six years old abd would love something sparkely. I once had to make 4 tutus. No one could sew. It was fun.


I have never used that kind of thread…so this would be a fun, new experience! I am going to check out your laptop sleeve you made with the gold thread!


My baby is laughing and squealing in her crib right now…she's supposed to be falling asleep. It's so cute! Loving motherhood πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your inspiration!


gweeeeen!! as my baby girl would say πŸ™‚ that is her new favorite color. Followin in her mama's footsteps. That, and how could she not like it.. I am constantly putting in her something that color:)


I love the sparkle! I can just imagine making a beautiful princess dress with it. But for which of my girls? Maybe all four!


Earlier this week I used clear thread for the first time. It was weird. I kind of felt like I was making a magical cape for Harry Potter or something. It was difficult to use. So I think sparkly green would be WAY more fun! And I have almost finished a white and green baby quilt top and I bet I could find something funky to do on the outer border with it!


We just celebrated our 4 year old with a Very Sparkly Cocktail Party (because what mama doesn't love tossing back some mocktails with several small children?) Wish I woulda had this stuff back then…I would have whipped up some shmancy cocktail napkins!


I have a 16 month old and learning how to quilt. Made a few items for her including the changing pad cover (which workes wonderful)
I have never used the metallic thread – might have to go looking for some.


Love the color!!! Reminds me of the Wizards green jacket from The Wizard of Oz. By the way I do love your site. Im a new grandma and visit this site often.


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