Fruit Balloons, Muppets, & Coral-Colored Bundles: It’s Friday I’m in Love

Project we wish we had posted:
DIY Fruit Balloons from Jordan at Oh Happy Day. So adorbs my eyes ache from the cuteness. And also, a fruit party sounds so juicy.

Random blog we are crushing on:
Since I met authors Audrey and Dan in Mexico earlier this year, I have been slowly working my way through the entire archives of their site, Uncornered Market. Seeing as it contains photographic and editorial record of their six-years of non-stop traveling around the world, this is going to take me awhile. Have you ever noticed someone with a special glow? Like you meet them in person and there’s something about them that says “I am kind, come be near me” and you find yourself feeling a little more peaceful in their presence? If you have any idea what I’m talking about, you will understand what I mean when I say that Audrey has that thing. Meeting she and her husband was truly inspiring to me, and following along on their adventures is great fun! Also, following them in real time on twitter @umarket is pretty addictive.

Album I am playing on repeat:
Youth Lagoon, The Year of Hibernation. That song in the Jordan video that I got so many emails about is on this album, it’s called “Afternoon.”

Funny thing my kid said:
Scarlet woke me up this morning by holding my hand and using it to hit me in the face repeatedly while squawking “Mommy, wake up, quit hitting yourself, Quit Hitting Yourself, QUIT HITTING YOURSELF!!!”

Favorite reader comment:
This week reader Erin left a comment on our Layer Cake Skirt tutorial post with a link to the picture above. “Thanks for the great tutorial – I made this as my first project on my new sewing machine and am thrilled!” First project? Whoa! Awesome work Erin!

Pinterest pin you loved the most: 
Lime Sorbet Margaritas. Oh yeah, I feel ya’.

Thing I acquired and utterly adore:
Seeing as I had to buy a new laptop because I fell down (yeah, i was just like, walking… and then I fell down) and crushed my other laptop, camera, and iphone all in one fell swoop, I decided that I would treat my new laptop to a fancy cover. Totally digging my InCase Arkitip Rostarr Case. And also luvin’ on my sunny day shades. And I will take this opportunity to encourage everyone to call your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance co and add what I call a “clumsiness” rider to your policy to cover electronic equipment even if you accidentally destroy it yourself. Kind of a lifesaver (and worth a little extra cheddar) if you are prone to falling & spilling & such, like myself.

Place I wish I were headed this weekend:
To Reykjavik, Iceland for the Reykjavik Arts Festival. It’s not till 5/18 but I wish I was going there right now, so I say it still counts. I have always wanted to see the northern lights and swim in a glacial spring, so @visiticeland is next on my list! (img src)

Movie of the week:
The Muppet Movie! OMG, how did I not know? This movie was so wonderful, my heart doubled in size. And Jason Segel is my new pretend boyfriend, FYI. I love me that muppet of a man.

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