Full Circle

Ten years ago I was working as a marketing director for Disney and interviewing candidates for a job in our department. I walked out into the lobby and met a stunning brunette with pretty blue eyes and a voice that somehow told you that she was a real California girl, not a transplant like myself and many others who had made their way to Burbank to work in the entertainment industry. “Jaime? Hi, I’m Jacinda” And so it began, this co-workers at Disney – turned single girl friends – turned married girl friends – turned new mama friends – turned co-founders of Prudent Baby – turned co-workers at Disney – friendship. Yes, this month we are going back to our Disney roots as contributors to Disney Baby. What can you expect from Disney Baby? Well, it will be more of what you love here at Prudent Baby including crafty tutorials, parenting tips, family travel guidance, entertaining and decorating ideas and hot mess mommy style advice, but sometimes we might just get a little personal and talk about these lil babies of ours more than we do on Prudent Baby. We are excited to share with you (and each other) some of these little family moments that take our breath away.

Jaime and I won’t be alone in our Disney Baby adventure. There is a team of contributors from around the web that you probably already know and love, like…

Andrea Howe of Four Flights of Fancy
Nadia Carriere of Child Mode
Melanie Edwards of Modern Mami
Amy Heinz of Using Our Words
Selena Burgess of La Petit Reve
Michelle Horton of Early Mama
Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave
Lauren Hartmann of The Little Things We Do
Janssen Bradshaw of Everyday Reading
Jacinda Boneau and Jamie Morrison Curtis of Prudent Baby
Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte
Arianne Segerman of To Think Is to Create
Casey Mullins of Moosh in Indy
Natalie Holbrook of Nat the Fat Rat
Amber Doty of The Daily Doty
Meagan Francis of The Happiest Mom
Becka Robinson of Life as an Artistpreneur
John Cave Osborne of JohnCaveOsborne.com

This post is sponsored by Disney Baby. We’ll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team next month, and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories (projects/ideas/etc) with you over there! Stay tuned for more details!




this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (and also kind of old)
is that quinn in there?
i also love that you are wearing my shirt 🙂


Right? 10 years! What the?

It’s Gordon. We are at your Little Bean book signing.


Wow! Congratulations on your new venture, can’t wait! I saw that same sweet smile on you at Quilt Market……some things never change!



I subscribe to you guys because you’re independent and sweet and well, not corporate. Makes me sad that after all this time, I won’t be reading you any more.


Hi Nanette! We are doing a few posts here on Prudent Baby and then all of our Disney Baby posts will live on their site so nothing is changing around here. : )
That way you can decide whether you want to read Disney Baby or not. Since they have encouraged us to continue to do what our readers love over there, I think everyone will think it’s great!

Thanks for your honesty. It is VERY welcome and noted. You have been a Prudent Baby reader for a long time, we would hate to see you go! : )


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