Future Fortified, Sewing for Sandy and Charity Water: Friday I’m Thankful

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of Prudent Baby? Well, here you have it. I’d love to say that this is just Scarlet and Clare being their wonderfully unique selves, but obviously they’ve seen this cat ear wearing, cocktail sipping behavior somewhere else, right? Kidding, but I definitely think Jaime and Jacinda should do a reenactment of this photo very soon. In other news…

Jaime and I shot a new Thanksgiving activity video, Pass the Gratitude, for DailyCandy Kids. It was a day filled with adorable Scarlet giggles, anarchy dogs (that’s another story) and sharing what we’re most thankful for in this world. Since there are many out there not as fortunate, we hope to spread the word about amazing campaigns like Future Fortified.

Along with Future Fortified, is the Sew for Sandy initiative started by Huffington Post. This is perfect for all you crafty mamas. While you’re sewing up a few holiday baby blankets, make a couple extras to donate to those in need. Temperatures are dropping and they can use all the baby hats, warm pants, and no-sew fleece blankets they can get.

Yesterday, Jaime set off to Palm Springs for Camp Mighty. This year they kicked off the retreat with a fundraiser for the non-profit, Charity: Water. They’ve almost reached their Go Mighty goal to help bring clean water into developing nations.


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