Get Away. Just You Two.

Have you gotten away with just your honey since baby arrived? Rick and I had just hit the 3 baby/5 year mark with not. one. night. away. together. But HOORAY, last weekend, after a terrible mommy-brain flight-missing disaster, we finally found ourselves settled into the Club Med Sandpiper Bay in St. Lucie, Florida. Let the all-inclusive eating, drinking and being merry-ing(?) commence! We made new friends like Huffington Post’s Bill Walker, Scott from Unmarketing, Joyce from Macaroni Kid, Katie Granju from Home/Work, Aviva and Devra from Parentopia, Jill from Visit Florida, Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar and Sami Cone from (um) Sami Cone.

It was a fun weekend filled with belly laughs, and also filled with Blue Hawaiians, and oddly (for me) filled with sporty fun like golf, tennis, paddle boarding, yoga, sailing and trapeze. I even walked away from a private fitness training session with a weight-loss plan of attack. Of course, let’s not forget the pools, the heavenly L’OCCITANE spa and the eating delicious meals in the 18+ dining room (ahh quiet.)

But say your own mom is not up for the challenge of watching your three babies, you can totally take them with you on this vaca. Some of our group had the little ones with them and the kid activities were amazing. We saw babies, kids and teens literally singing and dancing , and playing golf, and gleefully splashing, and crying as they were dragged away from the Kid Center at 10PM because they were having too much fun. Next time we will definitely bring the littles with us. They would love it.

We had such a great weekend, that I was inspired to make this little video to remember our trip. It’s my first video so tell me what you think that you like it. HA!

We were invited as guests of Club Med to review the resort. We had an amazing trip and would definitely come back on our own.




First Italy, now Florida? Ooh! I’m turning into a beautiful shade of green with all the envy ! And you post such nice accounts its not even fair…Tell me that you locked yourself in the restroom, that your car got towed away…give us something to be glad that we didn’t leave town the whole summer.


We owe you one Prudent Baby Vacation Blooper Reel!

We are taking the kids on a road trip to Artesia,New Mexico, San Diego, LA (hi Jaime!), Las Vegas, Ceder City,Utah and Durango next month so I’m sure I will collect lots of footage for that.

Or I guess now is when I show you the video of Rick falling off the trapeze at Club Med? Can’t do it, I promised. HAHA

Cheri @ I Am Momma

Hey Jacinda! I love that you made a video of the trip. That is seriously fun (and watching it made me want to be back there so badly). I can almost taste the white chocolate bread. So glad I got to meet you. Maybe we’ll be hanging out at another ClubMed resort together again someday!


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