Gifts For Your Girls: A Platonic Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

valentines gifts for women

I’m going to go way out on a limb here and say that one of the best things that came out of getting married and having kids was Valentine’s Day losing its power. I remember as a single woman, and I was pretty epically single, the dread associated with the arrival of February 14th. It isn’t that my husband and I now do something magically romantic to mark the occasion, in fact, we literally do nothing. It’s more that somewhere along the way V-day lost its air of annual disappointment and become simply an adorable celebration of friendly love; red and pink and bad puns and sour candy and card boxes and little gifts to remind someone that they are so sweet. You definitely don’t need a lover to celebrate any of that. So do me a favor, will you? Whether you call it Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, Black Sunday, or just plain February 14th, treat yo’ self, or someone you appreciate (in a like totally platonic way) to a little love this month.

Because gifts are my love language, don’t judge, here’s how I would show YOU the love…

Comme des Garçons® low-top sneakers– J.Crew  / After this we’re getting pizza water bottle – / Cotton candy throw pillow – Land of Nod / Phone case – Rifle Paper Company / Personalized Journal – Paper Source / Whispering Angle Rose / Matador travel picnic blanket / Pressed Glass Tumblers – Pier 1 / ACT NATURAL gold foil print – Read Between the Lines / Flannel Sheet Set – Target  / Olympia Dickey – Le Cou Cou




Kati Kav McG

The Le Cou Cou link is everything!!! I love the look of a crisp blouse under a sweater, but I am not built like Audrey Hepburn. They refer to it as “not your mother’s dickey…” – so great! I can’t wait to order one! Thanks for sharing!


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