Girls, Boys, and a Kickstarter in the Shins: It’s Friday I’m in Love

I’m on pins and needles because: My Prudent Advice is here! This is a keepsake journal for you to fill in and give to your daughter, at any age. I do hope you enjoy it, and I know your daughter will treasure it.

You can find it on amazon, in bookstores near you, and also at Paper Source stores. It’s already gone into a second printing, so snag yours while you can. Side note to moms of boys: I’m sorry. I get your emails and I just want you to know that it’s not that I don’t care about you, or about boys; I love boys, I just don’t have one of my own. If I am lucky enough to become a mother to a son one day, I promise that I will try to write prudent advice for boys (but also just FYI, it will likely be about 93% the same :).

Kickstarter we’re loving: Of course we’re a little bit partial to this one because Colleen’s boyfriend (and camera man extraordinare) Grant Aldrich, has been helping us with our video shoots and did the awesome graphics for this kickstarter focused on creating a travel show for the nerds of the world. We love how Colleen tried to play off that she didn’t know Magic the Gathering but then forwarded this to us. Ha! World 1-1 Nerd Travel Show Pilot

Aww, shucks: It’s an honor to be named on of Babble’s Top 50 Design Blogs for Mom. Such good company! Also was so grateful to see reviews of My Prudent Advice at DailyCandy and Elizabeth Street.

Winner of the #cutestkidever instagram contest: I mean, impossible to pick. No denying this is one cute little lady courtesy of @jules_keith…

This week’s contest: If you love the ‘gram as much as we do, come on over and play with us! Every week we announce a theme. Post a shot tagged with the theme of the week #messykids plus #thisweekonprudentbaby. We will pick our fav and post it right here. Come play everyone! And while you are there follow @PrudentJaime and @PrudentJacinda

Here’s my #messykids entry…



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