Giveaway: Book Journal from Ex Libris Anonymous

I’m pretty excited about this next giveaway. It’s a recycled book journal from Ex libris anonymous!

This has been my notebook of choice for the past few years AND they make great gifts. The covers are from recycled hardcover books and the pages are a mix of actual book pages and blank white sheets. All spiral bound for a nice flat surface!

I’m not sure which journal we are giving away, it’s on it’s way in the mail, but I’m sure it will be cool because the entire collection is always excellently curated!

Here’s how it works:

Just leave a comment telling us how you use a journal: list-making? Drawing? Writing? I usually have a mix going on, with a sprinkling of random children’s drawings.

Feel free to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter or your blog and if you do, leave another comment here for an extra chance to win!

On Wednesday, December 23rd at Midnight CT, we will close comments and select a winner using

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I buy journals, write in them for about 2 weeks and then forget….and then I start the whole process all over again about every month. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love these 'book' journals, too cool!

Jason Lucas

I use my journal to slow the spinning of the tops in my mind, so I can finally see what they're really saying. I use my journal to accept greater responsibility for my own actions (when I write some especially ridiculous piece of blame or judgment, it's easier to see for what it is, and to then leave behind). I use my journal as a means of forced organization of my thoughts, so for at least ten minutes a day, there is some structure and order there. I use my journal to grasp the garment hem of ideas that are just out of reach, but are close to the surface – on the tip of my tongue, almost baked… I use my journal to write my story.


I'm a list maker, bookworm, stationary addict. What lovely books. I'm so disorganised I've 3 list books, but always seem to take the wrong one with me.


I am a massive list maker! And ever since I started getting into sewing my own clothes I have a seperate notebook where I draw ideas that I have for clothes. Mind you they look like a 2 year olds drawings but they help me remember my ideas.


I love these notebooks. Although I haven't broken into mine yet (sheepish grin) Saving it for something awesome. I use notebooks for lists lists lists but also to chronicle trips and adventures. If I ever finished one upon arriving home it would be a miracle but they're still fun to do.


I would love to use a journal like this to make notes about my kids – funny things they say, firsts, etc.


i do traditional journaling and art journaling now as well. I love keeping lists and drawings of new ideas too.

Thank you for the chance.


I use my journal to write free form first thing in the morning. I also write 10 things I am thankful for. It helps clear my head before starting a wonderful day with my triplets! These are AMAZING!! Anna


I currently have more than one journal that sits quietly on the shelf, beautiful and empty. I have a phobia with messing up pages of gorgeous journals with my words or art.

I do plan on keeping a one sentence journal in the new year, however. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


I found these a few months ago and love them! I use my journals for a whole mess of things — and I sadly have 2 or 3 going at one time since I can never find them when I need one.


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