GIVEAWAY: Book Journals from Ex Libris Anonymous

It seems that the organization bug has hit Prudent Baby, so it’s time to give away these rad notebook/stetchbook/journals, perfect for list-making/dreaming/scheming. Back in Dec, I asked Jacob from Ex Libris Anonymous to donate a journal for a giveaway and instead he sent me 10, plus he called me a “gem encrusted diamond lobster rainbow” which, if you know how much I love lobster (and rainbows), you would know that it was the best compliment ever. So let’s all go buy a new journal because Jacob knows how to talk to ladies! AND because the journals are very awesome.

But back to the GIVEAWAY. Here are the journals we have:

A here is how cool they look inside (a combination of white sketch paper and pages from the book):

Get the details on how to win one of these great journals after the jump.

Leave a comment here telling us the best compliment someone could give you by combining your three favorite things. such as  “you are a steaming-hot-latte watercolor cashmere-sock” or  “you are a bubble-bath France daisy” And don’t say your husband or kids, that’s a given, shmoopy.

You can come back and enter every day but you must make up a new “compliment.” We will pick a winner at random for each day the giveaway is running. They will receive the journal for the day in the order shown above. US entries only (although please join in and share your “compliment” no matter where you are.)



jen berlingo

awesome blog. i love these requirements for this give-away! clever and creative! especially love the story of california journal (i just moved to CA!) — sooo super cool!!! little brown bear, fairies… wow, they're ALL amazing!
here goes: you let the light shine through the clouds like my clear-domed umbrella. you're as sassy-sweet as a salted almond dark chocolate bar, and as deliciously intoxicating as a lilac tree in may.
more tomorrow… πŸ™‚

Christie VanLaningham

You are a rusty vintage typewriter beneath a swaying oak tree surrounded by everlasting gobstoppers!


You are a glittery snowy day of patchwork quilts, fuzzy mismatched socks and beautiful empty journals waiting to be filled!

Snot Head

I am loving jen's and desiree's posts. Those are some of my favorite things! Here's mine for today: "You are a beautiful teal-winged dragonfly resting on the rim of my cool hazlenut latte as the bright, warm sun beams down from the vast blue skies."

Can you tell I am craving summer? It is cold and wintery here in IL!!


you are a black and white picture capturing the roll of the ocean waves that has the lingering smell of coffee and chocolate.

Hannah P.

I tell my husband that I love him more than a warm summer, toes in the sand, pizza eating day! It's close, but it's true!


You are a soft and colorful pile of freshly washed sheets topped with a warm and crunchy Nutella coated waffle washed down with a steaming mug of hazelnut coffee…….

clearly I need chocolate and hazelnuts today..

What a fabulous giveaway!


Ha! You're just doing this to get the compliments, aren't you? πŸ˜‰ It seems to work – you are shopping at Anthro warm toes sleeping in.

Snot Head

You are cinnamon sugar toast next to my sewing machine as I sew a brand spanking new, one of a kind, bright springy purse!

This journal is my favorite. I so hope I win it!!


You are a sweet little baby girl, brand new sewing machine, Dove chocolate bar. Ha ha! That's kinda funny!
clothdiapermommy at yahoo dot com


you are a swiffer vacuuming, bottle of all purpose cleaner with bleach in the bright sunshine! (can you tell I am in spring cleaning mode hoping it will bring me warm sunny days?!?! we got snow this morning, winter…I'm so done!)


You are a blogging, writing, cupcake machine!
I am constantly blogging, writing, and baking!



You are my fresh brewed ice tea, fried chicken, and buttered rolls with a slice of chocolate cake topped in an inch of chocolate icing…! (Can you tell I'm hankerin' for some good Southern home cookin'?)


After so many years to learn to love stuff I could probably go on for ever. But I won't.
You are baby smiles, Starbuck's latte, beading, and long walks on the beach.

Christen E. Krumm

you are an old book smelling, dark chocolate, crafty gal!


i LOVE these journals… just found them today and then saw this giveaway on your blog! awesomeness!!

Julie Down

You are a old fashioned home made chocolate fudge exquisite snowflake gleaming Canadian Rockies.


Maybe this doesn't count, but my little sister and I used to give each other the high compliment "Rainbow Unicorn My Little Pony Scratch 'n' Sniff bum."


Every time, my husband does something silly, I tell him "You're crazy" and he always says "I'm crazy about you" and that always makes me smile. Or the best part is when I hear my niece tell her daddy when he's made her happy "You're like Mommy – you make me happy".


i really want this one, i am entering with a compliment for carleton because your Fighting Irish Internet Steak made ME laugh out loud.
carleton is a total black levis blue cheese skateboard


You are a perfectly sharpened pencil smelling new sawdust taking an afternoon nap in the sun.

Also, y'all are just really great. πŸ™‚ Thanks as always, for this wonderful site.


you're a splash fresh compost in the garden on a sunny spring morning with the first round of bulbs poking through the earth.


Not sure if I can enter again, but this is too fun! Because you're a baby thighs melted brie snickerdoodle!


jacinda i just want you to know that you are a mac&cheese; bubble bath story about a guam mongrel to me and you always will be


You are a late night movie, wood burning stove, wishing on a star!

I've had a blast making up these comment compliments!


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