GIVEAWAY: Book Journals from Ex Libris Anonymous-Day 5!

Eve from Little Red Wren swooped in at the end of the day and won the journal for day 4 with “You are a zooey deschanel faux bois vintage little people.” And I can’t do much better than that because I love all those things too. There were some awesome comments last night, I actually laughed out loud when Leah said “You are Hawaii sunsets clean underwear cinnamon rolls.” And then my husband asked why I was laughing, and I said “it’s a long story” and he said “do you have somewhere to go?” which is hilarious because I never go anywhere. He is such a Fighting Irish Internet Steak. He makes me laugh. But I digress… There is a new journal to win today (my favorite of the bunch.)
Go enter again, same way, same place, new compliment. GO! 


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