Creative Self Portraits

Erin from Clickin’ Moms is here to share another fantastic photo tip (one I can personally relate to.) Take it away Erin…

Who is the last person on your list to take photos of?  Chances are, it’s you.  Memories of your appearance, your hobbies and your personality are going to be just as important to your family as those of the kids as they grow up. But self-portraits can be tough, and take some creativity.

Here are some ideas beyond the standard mount-your-camera-on-a-tripod-and-hope-the-pic-comes-out-right.

1. Use the late afternoon sun to create a shadow

2. Reflections in mirrors are good

3. Look for reflections in unlikely places too.  Do you see me holding the camera in the middle of the lemonade ladle?

4. What characteristics define you?  My toes are always red because my husband loves them that way.

Make sure you have pictures of yourself – your kids will thank you for it!


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