Giveaway: Letterpress Yard Fauna Cards

We have a winner! Thanks for entering!! We’re very excited about this first giveaway from Krank Press. Krank Press is going to give one lucky winner a set of their adorable (and a bit funny) Yard Fauna Cards.

Set of 5 different urban animals (all of whom have made appearances in our yard: raccoon, bushtit, coyote, kestral and baby opossum) letterpressed from hand-carved linoleum blocks onto blank A2 size cards (5 1/2″ X 4 1/4″), with 5 matching 100% recycled kraft paper envelopes.

Cute right?

Here’s how it works:

1. Head over to Krank Press and peruse their wares, SUCH AS THESE AMAZING CALENDARS!!

2. Come back here and comment on this post. Tell us the weirdest creature you’ve seen in your yard or neighborhood.

On Monday, December 14th at Midnight CT we will close comments and select a winner using! We have a winner!!

We’re PRETTY EXCITED!! If only we could enter… sigh. But you can (if you live in the US), so please do! And if you have some gifts to buy, please support these amazing sellers and buy handmade. YAY!




i LOVE that calendar. i've seen so much letterpress but these guys are truly unique. it tells you what vegetables and fruits are in season to pick and which you should plant for every month of the year! specific to the area you live in!


The most exciting animals we've had are a deer (that jumped *through* a tent πŸ™ ) and a fox. The ookiest was a flock of vultures huddled around a dead squirrel.

P.S. I found your blog because of the post on doily bowls. Thank you! I made one for my sister, shaped to go with one she already owns made out of an old vinyl LP.


The strangest thing I see in my neighbourhood is probably the people on the trail. Some of them are quite fashionably challenged. And several people need to see a videotape of themselves running. Or a technique coach.


I love Krank Press's "to and from" tags! So fantastic!

The strangest thing that I have found in my backyard was an albino squirrel! The campus that I live near is known for the squirrel's roaming around!

The Boneau Family

The strangest creature I've seen in our neighborhood is a rat… in our garage. I didn't actually see the whole thing but got a good glimpse of the tail. Don't know that I'd want any cards with a rat adorning them though. :o)

Emily Williams

We get a lot of rabbits in our yard, which typically isn't too unusual. One day my husband was mowing (don't worry; the story doesn't get gross), and he stops because he sees a rabbit scampering across the yard. He looks under the kids' slide and finds a hole dug into the dirt. Inside the hole was an entire litter of tiny baby rabbits! He gathered them all up into a bucket so he could finish mowing, and then put them back where he found them when he was done. The mother rabbit must have decided our yard was too dangerous, because they were all gone the next day.


Anything with an owl is cool in my book! We get lotsa deer, bunnies, foxes etc but the strangest was a HUGE snapping turtle that lumbered through our yard a couple of years back. I let the kids touch the shell which in hindsight was probably not the best idea!


Love the calendars – I'm an avid (vegetable) gardener and those are great!

We have voles. Not moles, but voles. They look kind of like field mice, but they run along the edges of our fence and burrow in holes by our bushes. Weirdest little pest I had never heard of till we lived at our current address.

As always, thanks for the great DIYs and crafty posts πŸ™‚


I love the stuff at Krankpress, and have this gardening calendar! The weirdest thing I've seen in my backyard has to be some guests at our party that have had a bit too much to drink!!! Other than them we don't get any stranger than squirrels…

Ali Smith and Noah Thomas

Such lovely calenders!
The strangest animal that we've had in our backyard was a large, dead fish, no joke! It was whole and we figured that maybe a bird dropped it in our backyard???? Very odd! And growing up we actually had a bat fly into our house upstairs through the attic, and my dad had to get it out with a tennis racket!


We never get strange animals. Once a blue tounge lizard come into the house and walked right up into the living room. Dad had to pick him up to take him back outside and the lizard did a wee all over dad. It was hilarious!


The cards from Krankpress are great, very creative and super cute!

As for critters at our house, we have a bunny that has decided to live in our backyard. We named him Peter. πŸ˜‰


I am loving the Krank Press Thank You cards!!

We once had a baby duckling take up residence in our 2 foot fish pond at our old house…that was very strange as there were no other bodies of water nearby…


I like the bird calendar.
Recently while I was at my daughter's home daycare, a mother skunk and baby ran into the yard. The mother was frightened and dashed into the garage, leaving a confused baby. He chased me and several children onto the porch, while the teacher took the rest of the children around to the front of the house. He was trying to follow us, but he had his tail up and was hissing. Eventually the mother returned and they left the yard. It was very dramatic for all the children. dhippo at mac dot com


Awesome calendars!

Oh my, we get lots of animals. Squirrels, bunnies, moles, raccoons, opossums, stray cats, and our crazy dog. She may be the strangest of them all! (o:


Love that calendar and that California quail print.
We don't have strange animals, just the regular backyard ones. But they ACT strange. The possum that eats our cat's food every night just looks at us and keeps right on eating when we open the door and tell him to scram. The other night I caught a raccoon playing with one of the boys' wiffle balls. He was throwing it around the yard and chasing it.
They are entertaining to say the least.
Thanks for the giveaway,


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