Goodwill Regrets

Yesterday, as an excuse to get out of the house, the girls and I went trolling about Goodwill looking for treasures. We’ve been lucky before! We left empty-handed but that’s not to say that we weren’t tempted.

This table with an inset bowl (instant chalk holder) is fabulous painted with chalkboard paint. Alas, not for sale.

Neither were these “hand chairs.” The clerk actually laughed when I asked. I really wanted them, Clare did too.

I walked by this little owl coffee set about 4 times. If they were yellow they definitely would have come home with me! Just talking about it, I’m tempted to go back and get them.

And lastly, 2 full bins of hilarious records. Lots of showtunes etc. Would have been great for framing or for craft projects.

Oh, and I left a $1.50 copper Bundt mold behind . What was I thinking?

How about you? Any great finds lately? Or kicking yourself for abandoning something fabulous?




I've learned to just buy stuff at Goodwill and then return it if I can't find a place for it. In fact I have a mirror in my closet (reminds me of the mirror from Snow White), waiting to go back. Decided it doesn't fit the style of my living room after all.


these are great! love those mugs. i have sooo many goodwill and antique flea market regrets, myself! we also use and looove to see what people are giving away on there, and we give lots away on there, too, when cleaning out. we always re-freecycle the stuff we acquire and regret getting it once it gets home. so i say, go get the stuff and bring it back or freecycle it!


I at first thought you purchased the awesome green (?) couch and were sad about it. Love the owl mugs but I love all retro owl paraphrenalia. Your suburban goodwill appears to have much better options than my urban one.


Just yesterday i passed up a huge frame with a chipboard print in it. Think i am going back today to get it and make a Family Values board with my hubby and kids over spring break – here's hoping its still there! or it will be a regret!


The table w/bowl "wood" be so easy to copy!!
The mugs have yellow dots on them.
Just the photo of Clare is priceless.
I have record jackets from your childhood.


My new search at Goodwill / thrift stores has been for board games for my 2.5 year old. I just picked up Connect Four, Memory and Monopoly (for me and hubby) for $1 a piece! Connect Four normally goes for $15.99 at Target. I can't wait to teach her how to play!

BTW – Love those hand chairs!


why are there so many items on display at the goodwill that are not for sale? what are they saving them for?


You can see where I get my amazing sense of humor.

Scarlet also has the sandals. I know because I totally copied you when you asked me if you should buy them.


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