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I was just doing my evening blog reading and came across an article on favorite site Apartment Therapy titled “10 Great Los Angeles Kitchens”. Being that I live in Los Angeles and I love peeking at people’s kitchens, I had to check it out. Imagine my surprise to see MY kitchen was included! So I guess now I’m bragging, but what can I say, I’m so proud! But I will admit that my counters were that clean once and only once. You can check out the other kitchens and what they had to say about them here. Have gorgeous weekends ladies!




Very nice kitchen! I also covet a kitchen aid, but I just can't justify that I would use it often enough to purchase. I long for any kitchen at this moment as mine is being remodeled and I haven't had a countertop or sink in my kitchen for a month now.


I'd have to agree, Jaime's is one of my most favorite Los Angeles kitchens. And it's my absolute favorite for decorating sugar cookies while drinking champagne.

Purposefulchaos-when I was registering for my wedding, several people told me not to bother with a Kitchen Aid Mixer but I just had to have one, a yellow one. It is one of my favorite things in the world. I use it SOOOO much. If you like baking at all, you will love it. The key is to keep it out on the counter where you have easy access. It sounds like a perfect way to celebrate a remodeled kitchen… if you have any cash left. : )


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