Guest Post: DIY Bulletin Board Alternative



Julia at I Steal Good Ideas cooked up this alternative to a traditional bulletin board from a flea market frame and some mod podge, and she’s going to show you how to make one too. Here’s the scoop from Julia herself:

I’m a certified idea thief. If I see something I like but know I could make it and get something I LOVE, then the rip off is on. So it goes with this DIY project. My home office is on my sun porch and while I needed a bulletin board to keep up with all of the birth announcements, wedding invites, photos and general merriment that arrives in the mail, I didn’t want one that would block the view or the light. When I saw a chicken-themed note-holder frame on Wisteria, I knew I could make a more elegant version that would be perfect for my cozier-by-the-day home office. With a flea market frame, some spray paint, floral wire, and tacks from a home supply store, it came together in no time flat. But the coupe de grace is the custom decoupaged mini clothespins made especially to fit the look of my new creation. Yes, I said decoupage. I honestly can’t believe I decoupaged either … but I really enjoyed it and I think the Wisteria rip-off was a success. I hope you think so too!

Get the full DIY Bulletin Board Alternative Tutorial at I Steal Good Ideas!




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