Guest Post: Rebecca & Gus from Cooking With My Kid make Homemade Granola "Bars"

Rebecca says: “Everyone in my house loves granola bars. While we like to pretend that they are a healthy snack, most of the store bought kinds are filled with junk. In hopes of creating a healthy alternative, my kid and I set out to make some granola bars from scratch. Our first attempted was a no-bake recipe. My kid liked the taste but I had to feed them to him because they were way too sticky. (He didn’t want to keep washing his hands!) The next attempt was baked in a 9×13 pan, but once they cooled we practically needed a saw to cut them and they fell apart anyway. Then one morning while we were baking muffins it hit me that muffin tins could very well be the solution to our quest for the perfect granola bars. Although “bars” aren’t usually round, we decided to go for it. We created our own new recipe and tried it out in the muffin tins… and voila! Not too sticky, not too hard, these granola bars were just right! We think these make the perfect play date snack, hostess gift or simply breakfast on-the-go.”

Jaime says: Wait, I can have fun cooking something HEALTHY with my daughter?  Why did this never occur to me before?  And I’ll bet she’d be extra eager to eat them because she helped make them.  I can’t wait to get home and try these out.  Head on over to Cooking With My Kid for the full recipe and tutorial!



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