Handmade Hanukkah / Baby Food Jar Project: Dreidel Game Sets!

I wanted to make some DIY Hanukkah treats for Scarlet’s daycare friends (Molly, Jameison, Julian, and Chance we love you!) so I put together these little dreidel game kits.  It’s a fun Hanukkah craft favor and a cute way to recycle baby food jars.  Get the full how-to after the jump…
Just clean a baby food jar, get all that gunk off with Goo Gone:

Spray paint your lids (I used yellow because yellow is what I had):

Cut some dreidel shapes out of felt or fleece some ribbon or trim to tie around your jar.  I used left over fabric and trim from the Handmade Hanukkah pom pom garland:

Hot glue your shapes to the lid:

Fill halfway with shiny Hanukkah Gelt (foil-wrapped chocolate that looks like gold coins) and a dreidel:

We love recycling and reusing baby food jars, click here for more ways to re-use baby food jars.  For more Handmade Hanukkah craft projects click here!  And don’t forget to send us a picture using the contact form or upload it to the Prudent Baby Project Pool on Flickr.  Put your URL in the description so we can link to it in our next Prudent Project Round Up.



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