Handmade Hanukkah: Fleece Pom Pom Garland

Add a little Hanukkah charm to your mantle with a fleece pom-pom garland.  or if you’re a gentile call them snowballs!  Or make one in green and red, or even better, hot pink!
It’s a simple DIY, I made mine with fleece but felt would work as well, get the how-to after the jump…

1.  You’ll need some fleece, which can be aquired cheaply at any fabric store.  Cut it into strips.  As Jacinda would say “this isn’t nasa” so it doesn’t have to be specific.  Make them different lengths and widths for different size poufs.  I folded mine up to make cutting easier:

2.  Make small cuts on either side of the fleece leaving about a centimeter or less in the middle uncut:

3.  Now grab a strip and roll it up:
Stick a pin through it when it’s all rolled up.  Repeat with all of your strips:
4.  Now you need to finish your fleece pom poms.  There’s a right way and an easy way.  I’ll show you the right way first.  Cut a length of embroidery thread, knot one end and thread one end through an embroidery needle:
Push the needle all the way through the center of your fleece pom pom:
Then wrap the thread around the center a few times and tie off.  use the extra length of thread to attach to your garland.  For my garland i used some trim that was on sale at International Silks and Woolens, but you could use anything, maybe braid some fleece.  Cut off the extra thread and you’re done:
The easy way is just to grab a length of thread and tie it around the center, then double knot it, then use the excess thread to knot it around your trim.
5.  Repeat until you have a happy Hanukkah garland!  Hang on the mantle!




How Fun! I can't wait to try this. There's a million different things you could do with it… I think I may try pinning the poms onto a styrofoam wreath. I'll send you pic's if it turns out how I see it in my head.


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