Help, please: What to do with these textiles?

My husband and I are buying a new CAL KING bed this weekend and I’ve been leaving the bedroom un-decorated in anticipation of this day.  I think I’ve thought about it too much and now can’t make any decisions, so I ask for your help.  I have these two gorgeous textiles, the first is an uzbeki suzani and the second is a beautiful otomi.  I want to use one to make an upholstered headboard.  I’m thinking the suzani.  If i do that, and keep all the bedding simple and cream colored, can I use the otomi to make cornices for cream shades?  The cornices will compliment the headboard in shape, so I think using the same fabric would be too much.  Or should I keep all of the other textiles simple? And do you have any recommendations for wall colors or other fabrics for the room that would compliment either of these?  Like a leather cornice or something?  hrmmm…
please help!




The first one is gorgeous! Even if you want to go for a simple, relaxing feel in the room I am ALL in favor of using that as an upholstered headboard.

What if you mimicked those sassy animals in the second print into a print or two on your wall, in the colors of the first one? in order to carry them out into the room more. Or would that be just too matchy matchy?

(p.s. I totally mimic the sentiments above about LGN's headboards and pelmet boxes!)


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