Hemorroid Cream, Spanx and a Lovely Story about Prudent Advice: Jacinda’s Latest VLOG

People are always asking my how I stay so fresh faced and thin looking. Ha, no, no one ever asks me that. I spend most of my days in a windowless room writing, or transporting small children in a minivan, wearing pajamas. Once in a while I do get asked to make an appearance in public like I did by the ladies from TX MILK for the Texas Conference for Women a few weeks ago, in which case I pull out all my little tricks to appear presentable. In this VLOG entry you will learn a few of my beauty secrets, then you will hear me ramble for a while thinking I’m funny and sounding gleeful just to be out in public, and then at the end you will hear a sweet story that a wonderful woman told me about her teenage daughter and Jaime’s first book Prudent Advice. At least that’s what I think is in this video, I can’t be 100% sure as I edited it high on Valium. Well, I have nothing more to say about that.
Prudent Baby Materials

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Rainbow Friends

You’ve come this far and I think that’s great, keep chasing your dreams and one day you’ll reach the top and then you’ll see how great you’ve become .


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