Hot Mess Mommy: DIY Braided Headband

I have been hanging on to the October Anthropologie catalog, loving all of the “Hot Mess Mommy” hair-do’s. I was thinking that I would get my hands on some beautiful fancy embroidered ribbon n such and try out a few headbands. Imagine my delight when Ruby from Cakies did a Braided Headband Tutorial as a guest post for Smile & Wave. Here is mine. I love it. Clare loves it too. It will even work on a baldy-bean baby!

I used Kleo By Alexander Henry and an unknown orange fabric gifted from Jaime.




Did you sew the matching fabric edge and patches onto Clare's top?? Very pretty and oh so saleable. I think it's time you set up at the Farmer's Market!!


This top is by one of my favorite indie designers, Random Nicole. She was doing the hand-made style way back before it was "in." I grab something of her's (for me or the kiddos) whenever I can. If you live in SoCal, she gives great deals at her craft shows. DIY is awesome but it's also pretty cool to support artists. : )


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