“How to Build a Campfire” Cookies


Sometimes everything comes together for the perfect camping trip filled with great food, family, and adventure. Other times it rains for a week straight, plans change, everyone is stuck indoors and you need to get creative before they lose their ever-lovin’ minds. This week was the second type of week so we got together with our partners at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to create these fun (and so easy) “How to Build A Campfire” Cookies to go with a cozy OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY movie night. The best part is that these cookies actually show you how to build a real campfire! The other best part is that these cookies are ready to assemble with just a few ingredients from the grocery store. Just keeping’ it real folks.

How to build a campfire cookies Open Season Scared Silly How to build a campfire cookie IMG_2874

Read on for the step-by-step cookie tutorial. And by step-by-step, I mean 3 steps. 3 steps that a 5 year old can do.

How to build a campfire cookies


Gather your ingredients. We used medium-sized store-bought cookies and icing, pretzel sticks (small branches), dried coconut chips (twigs), cinnamon candy (match), and fruit leather in apricot and strawberry (flames.)

Open Season Scared Silly How to build a campfire cookie

Use scissors to cut the fruit leather into flames and add slits so that they will intersect to form a standing fire. Make 1 for each cookie and set aside.

  1. 1. Cross two pretzels (branches) on top of an iced cookie. Lay a third pretzel (branch) on top of the two.
  2. 2. Rest coconut chips (twigs) up agains the last (higher) pretzel (branch.)
  3. 3. From the side, slide the cinnamon candy (match) under the highest pretzel (branch.) The flame will light the twigs which will ignite the larger branches.
  4. 4. Add the “flame.”
IMG_2684  IMG_2919

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Open Season Scared Silly How to build a campfire cookie

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Open Season Scared Silly How to build a campfire cookie

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