How to Grow Sprouts

My family has become obsessed with growing sprouts to eat on sandwiches and salads so I’m excited to share with you how to grow sprouts!

How to grow sprouts

This has become a fun little gardening experiment for us that yields results in just a few days. I highly recommend growing alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts, pea sprouts or any of the other varieties out there. There are so many yummy options. Here’s how to grow sprouts at home.How to grow sprouts

How to grow sprouts

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Supplies for How to Grow Sprouts:

  • Sprout seeds: I started with a selection from my local health food store but you can also order seeds online.
  • Jar with draining lid or sprout growing kit: I have the two pictured above.
  1. Chef’n Countertop Sprouter Growing Kit – this little kit looks great on the counter and has it’s own tidy draining system. So far I have only grown alfalfa seeds in this jar and it has worked perfectly despite losing a few seeds while draining water on the first day.
  2. 4 Pack Sprouting Lids Stainless Steel – this set of four lids fit on any wide-mouth jar, such as a pasta sauce jar. It works great and is old school just like mom and dad used back in the 80’s. There is a huge selections of Sprout Growing Options online.

  3. A draining dish and towel (optional
  4. filtered water
How to grow sprouts


  1. In a clean sprout jar, add approximately 1 tablespoon of seeds. The amount of seeds will depend on the type of seeds and the size of the jar but somewhere between a teaspoon and a tablespoon is the sweet spot. Less is better, you can adjust next time. In this photo I have alfalfa sprout seeds on the left and mung bean sprout seeds on the right. How to grow sprouts
  2. Fill the jar with fresh filtered (if possible) water and let the seeds soak in a room temperature spot for 6-10 hours, depending on seed type. The packet should give instructions on how long a specific type of seed should soak.How to grow sprouts
  3. After the specified time, carefully drain the water through the lid so as not to lose many seeds but its ok if you lose a few. Set the jar upside-down in a room temperature spot in your home out of direct sunlight. Yes, I know mine are on the window sill in the photo above, don’t do that. Too steamy. Notice that I have set the jar on a paper towel at a slight angle. This is good. It allows the seeds to breath and drain properly. How to grow sprouts
  4. Every morning and evening, refill the jar with fresh filtered water and drain. This will give the sprouts enough water to grow but not drown. After 3-4 days you will have delicious sprouts to eat on sandwiches and salads (alfalfa, pea, clover, radish, broccoli sprouts etc) or noodle and stir-fry dishes (mung bean sprouts.)
  5. TIP: if you want to “green up” your sprouts, on the last day, set them in the window for a few hours.How to grow sprouts
  6. Store your sprouts in the fridge, where they will last for 3-4 days.How to grow sprouts
  7. Repeat the whole process because now you are addicted now that you know how to grow sprouts!

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