How to Make a Crepe Paper Flower Corsage

How to make a crepe paper flowerAt our recent floral crowns workshops we heard so many of you say that you were making a gift for a special lady, or girl, in your life. We love that, and so we were inspired to share a floral project even more simple, but just as pretty, for all of your favorite gals this holiday season. After all, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to let the people you love know just how much they mean to you with reckless mushiness.

Pretty_Prudent_Teavana-0171Read on for the how-to on all of these gorgeous crepe paper flowers and simple instructions for turning them into a corsage.

Let’s start with this pom-pom style flower.IMG_8996  Cut a strip of French crepe 1″x5″ with grain running vertically. Cut thin fringe along top and pinch fringe to create volume.IMG_8983Cut a 6″ length of wire. If wire is not coated, wrap top 1″ with floral tape, stretching tape as you go to activate adhesive.


Run a thin string of glue along bottom edge and begin wrapping snugly around wire stem.

IMG_8989 IMG_8990

Wrap the bottom of the flower with floral tape, wrapped on the diagonal, and continue wrapping to bottom of stem and cut tape. You’re done!IMG_8992Next up we have the “daisy.”

IMG_9020Cut a piece of French Crepe Paper, 3″x2″ with grain running vertically. Accordion fold to 1/2″. Cut the top rounded and the bottom to a point as shown below.

IMG_9017Cover the tip of a 6″ length of wire with a bit of cotton ball and mold a scrap of crepe paper over the tip, gluing in place. Wrap bottom of bud with floral tape to secure.

IMG_9018   Add a drop of glue to the bottom of each point. Pinching the bottom of the point and gluing to the stem as you go, wrap the petals around the bud. Roll in your fingers to secure.IMG_9019

Wrap the bottom of the petals with floral tape on the diagonal and continue wrapping down stem to bottom, stretching tape as you go to activate adhesive. Done!

IMG_9028Now on to the pretty “poppy”IMG_9026

Cut a 1.5″ square of crepe paper and stretch the center to create a mound. Cover the tip of a wire stem with cotton ball and stretch the crepe paper square over the top. Add glue to the inside corners and twist the bottom with your fingers to secure in place.IMG_8998_1Wrap bottom of bud with floral tape as described above. Cut 5 – 2″x2.5″ pieces of crepe paper.

How to make a crepe paper flower  Stack the rectangles and cut in a petal shape as shown below with the paper grain running vertically.IMG_9024

Run a line of glue across the bottom of one petal and, gathering as you go, wrap it around the base of the bud. IMG_9025Overlapping by 1/2 petal, add a second petal and continue until all 5 petals are used and your bloom is complete.

Gently stretch the petals of all of your flowers and open the bloom to shape.

IMG_9030Now let’s make it a corsage.

Arrange your blooms as desired. (Note: We added a sprig of dry wheat for Autumnal flair.) Wrap the bundle together with floral tape on the diagonal. Stretch tape as you go to activate adhesive. Clip bottom of stems to desired length, approximately 4″.

How to make a crepe paper flower Cut a 8″-10″ length of twine covered wire. Wrap the end over the bottom of the stems, up the back, and then wrap tightly around stems in a coil until you reach the bottom.

How to make a crepe paper flower      Hot glue a pin or clip finding to the back of the coil. How to make a crepe paper flowerPin one on your shirt, in your hair, on all of your best friends, or all of the above, as a symbol of your thankfulness for all that is beautiful in your world. Happy Thanksgiving!


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