How to Make A Fabric Tassel Garland (No Sew!)

No-Sew Fabric Tassel Garland Tutorial
Last week I shared the big reveal of My New Backyard with y’all. One of my favorite little touches are these fabric tassel garlands.

After our one millionth skype conversation/patio critique session, Jacinda suggested a tassel garland like these from Confetti System. I loved the idea, but those are tissue paper, so not ideal for outside. Hmm.

I decided to whip some up with fabric, so I ordered some Kona Solids from Fabricworm in shades of peach, coral, and blue, as well as some natural linen, and got to work. These are easy as pie and no-sew. Learn how to make a Fabric Tassel Garland after the jump…

How to Make a Fabric Tassel Garland

I made my fabric tassels quite large (12-15″ long), but you can make them any size you like. Your final tassel will be just about half the length of the longer side. I cut my fabric rectangles around 24″X30″ for most of the tassels, or you could get 4 out of a standard yard by cutting them 18″X24″. I recommend you choose fabric that looks the same on both sides (a solid cotton, linen, or even a lighter weight fabric like a chiffon would be lovely) since they will both show on your final fabric tassel. So fold your fabric in half so the two shorter sides meet.

Make cuts in your fabric about an inch apart, stopping around 2″ to 3″ before the fold. This is much less tedious if you use a rotary cutter rather than scissors.

Now unfold your fabric and lay it flat.

One one uncut end, at the center, begin to roll your fabric up.

Continue until you have a tube with fringe at each end. As you roll, untangle the fabric fringe, and try to keep your roll as tight as possible, though it doesn’t need to be super-tight to look nice.

Pick it up, fold it in half, and pinch the top together so the fringe ends meet and the edge of the fabric is hidden between them.

Use a fabric scrap to tightly secure the top of your tassel.

This is what it looks like. Trim it so the ends look even if you need to.

Make another one.

And another one. And another one. And another one. Have a beer. Then make another one. And so on. Tie them to a string of some kind (I used a thick and sturdy jute because my tassels are quite large and heavy) with another little fabric scrap.

Hang them somewhere you can enjoy them.

Ask your husband what he thinks, and smile when he says “I can’t talk about those kinds of things. What is it for?” Then go on Prudent Baby’s facebook page and share a picture with us and know that someone understands you. You understand me, don’t you?




Those are great! I would add them to my sewing room walls if I didn't have to share those walls with my husband (you know, because technically it is his office. whatever). Every time I ask my husband if he likes something, he just says "yep" without even looking up. That's probably why we are still married 🙂 I understand you!


When I watched your backyard makeover video, I was instantly in love with these tassels. Thanks for the tutorial. Can't wait to make some myself.


i'm gonna get going on this project asap. thanks for the tutorial. oh and yes, i understand you 🙂
out of curiosity, where'd you get those amazing baskets!?


Just wondering… Would it be easier to just thread the loop part of your tassel with your rope or twine, so its less likely to fall, and its supported by a much thicker amount of fabric? Or was it not wide enough for the twine to fit? Just curious so if I try I don't have to get frustrated that my plan didn't work out like I thought, haha.


holly, that would work, but i didn't like the way the tassels looked when i did it that way (because they were hanging sideways)


Love em! I can see this being done for different holidays too! Halloween, Christmas, Winter, Valentines! oh my better get busy!


I love these fabric tassles! How did you secure the fabric scrap to the top of the tassle? Is it just knoted, or did you use something like hot glue? Do you see any issues with using hot glue?


I have been waiting for this little tutorial. I'm so happy you posted it so quickly! You, my dear, are brilliant.

Design by Love

I just have to tell you I am so jealous of your new outdoor space! The tassels are such a great idea! But I have been wondering ever since I saw you debut your new space, where did you get that bench? I want it!! Did you make it? I thought maybe you guys could let us know where you scored all your finds?


Looks wonderful! And your patio is unbelievable 🙂

Now, this is totally off-topic: do you know any blogs where I can get some ideas for a baby shower? I've never thrown one before, and makes me really depressed. Help, Prudent Mamas!!


Haha…"What is it for?" sounds exactly like what my husband would say. He's starting to understand that aesthetic appeal is an acceptable purpose.

Melissa de la Fuente

Oh, not only do I understand you? But, think I have found a soul sister! 🙂 Love this & am going to try to convince two of my gals to do it with me. LOVE your whole back patio makeover and now am going to snoop around for more photos of your house! 🙂

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Hey, thanks for sharing this wonderful idea, it is beautiful. I’m making this for my wedding, and was wondering which blue from fabricworm did you go with? Thanks!

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