How to Make a Jump Rope

Whenever I think of going back to school I think of hours upon hours of homework and double dutch. As soon as the recess bell rang all the girls would be outside with their ropes in hand getting ready for the next Double Dutch match of doom. I tried to live up to the old days recently and failed miserably (sigh). On to the next generation of Double Dutchers, starting with these pretty jump ropes made by The Salty Pineapple. Nikki, from The Salty Pineapple also covers some back-to-school basics with her satchel and chalkboard tutorials.

Besides using these awesome jump ropes just to brush up on your Inverse Toad Double Under Side Swing skills (thank you Wiki), they also make great gifts and the handles can be completely cutomized.

Let’s see more…

How to Make a Jump Rope

Today I am sharing a easy jump rope d.i.y. This tutorial is so simple. On a scale of one to ten it’s a one! Are you ready to make some simple jump ropes for your kids and their friends?

This polyester rope was less than ten bucks for 100 feet at Harbor Freight. You want to make sure the rope will hold up to hitting the ground over and over again, and is heavy enough to swing over.

My jump ropes measured 80 inches long. You can always adjust the length for your needs. Melting the ends of the rope prevents fraying.

You can get really creative on your handles. I wanted something simple and went with the wool felt because it will stand up to a lot of use better than acrylic felt.

The first couple of jump ropes I sewed, just had the felt stitched really close to the inserted rope. The knot on the end of the rope keeps it from falling out. It is possible to sew through the rope too, if that’s what you want to do.

Simple, fun and personal.

Now it’s your turn to make some. I would love to see what you come up with. Think of all the handle possibilities!!!




Colleen – our church crafts group is going to love making jump ropes for the children we serve! I am drawing a blank thinking about handle options and don’t know where I would find wool felt other than online. Have you heard from other crafters who found creative ways to make handles? Many thanks!


I love the look of your jump rope and have shared it with others.. We .make crafts for some of the neediest children throughout the world,, through the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Project!, Jump roping is so much fun, and promises a great economical way to exercise with friends! Thanks so much for sharing. I may make some for an inner city school, too! ♥️.


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