How to Make Edible Fingerpaint: Dad’s Awesome Book of Recipes

Edible Finger Paint

A few years ago Mike Adamick wrote Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments and we loved it. In fact, last year (brag alert) Clare won the blue ribbon at her school science fair inspired by the book’s Balloon Rockets project. So Mike, if your book wasn’t already award winning, you can now say it is, ok?

Now Mike Adamick is back with Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes, just in time for Father’s Day. I’m envisioning all of the quality together time Rick and the kids will spend together in the kitchen making delicious dishes like Crispy, crunchy Bottom-of-the-Bucket Drumsticks and Cheesy Rice–Stuffed Tomatoes. I can see it right now, them having a wonderful time cooking, me setting down my cold lemonade to glance up from the sofa where I am reading a magazine to see what has made them giggle. It’s a glorious vision. So you are understanding why you need this book, right?

Dads book of Awesome recipes

Read on for a full project from the book: How to Make Edible Finger Paint, and more about Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes.

Edible Fingerpaint

 Difficulty: Easy

Makes: 2 cups of paint

I have yet to find a kid who doesn’t like to fingerpaint. (Just as I have yet to find a parent who enjoys cleaning it all up, so apologies in advance; this one is super messy. But the joy is worth it.) Some kids try to eat paint anyway—but with this recipe, you can relax and not worry about . . . the fact that your kid eats paint.


Here’s what you need:


Mixing bowl, measuring cup, whisk, muffin pan, spoons, wax paper



1 (4-ounce) packet of instant vanilla pudding

2 cups cold water

Food coloring


Here’s what you do:

  1. In the mixing bowl, whisk the pudding with the water until it’s, well, pudding.


  1. Now pour the pudding into the muffin pan. Each little cup will be its own color, so use as many little cups as you have colors for.


  1. Now stir several drops of food coloring into the cups to make separate colors.


  1. Put in the fridge to chill out for 10–15 minutes.


  1. While it’s cooling, prepare your work surface. I like to use wax paper. You can paint on it and then lick straight off of it. If you have those chip bag clippy thingies, you can clamp the wax paper down on a table. Otherwise, you can use light weights, like spoons, to keep the corners down. Of course, you can use other items as your canvas as well: plates, cookie sheets, walls. (Kidding.) Just make sure that if more than one kid is painting, you have separate muffin pans and canvases for each, otherwise you’re going to have a germ factory of the highest order.

Edible Finger Paint

More about Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes:

Sweet, buttery Cinnamon Raisin Fresh Toast Sticks. Crispy, crunchy Bottom-of-the-Bucket Drumsticks. Ooey-gooey Microwave S’mores. Whether your kids have been preparing their own lunches for years or are just starting out in the kitchen, Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes is your all-in-one guide to helping them create tasty meals your whole family will devour. From PB&J Bites and Veggie Rolls to Pasta alla Carbonara and Cheesy Rice–Stuffed Tomatoes, this cookbook offers step-by-step instructions for concocting a variety of yummy dishes that are perfect for snacktime, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bursting with 100+ kid-friendly recipes, each page helps you inspire your little chef to take the lead in the kitchen and make culinary creations of their own.Complete with advice on teaching them cooking basics, Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes encourages you and your kids to unleash your creativity as you whip up tasty meals in one of the most fun rooms in the house!
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About the Author:
Mike Adamick (SAN FRANCISCO) is a stay-at-home dad who writes for the San Francisco Chronicle’s parenting blog, The Poop; KQED Radio; and the Daddy Issues column on His work has also appeared in the New York Times, McSweeney’s, Details magazine, MSNBC, NPR’s “Morning Edition,” the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Observer, among other media outlets. Mike lives in San Francisco with his wife, Dana, and daughter, Emmeline. You can visit his website at



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