How to Make Miniature French Pastries: The Story of Diva and Flea

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DIY miniature macarons

The Story of Diva and Flea introduces the newest “best buds” pairing from author Mo Willems, who has also brought us many of the best kid’s books about friendship in the past 15 years. Pigeon and Duckling, Piggy and Elephant, and even Trixie and Knuffle Bunny, Mo Willems has given us funny, lovable, clever stories of the adventures that best friends and unlikely duos have together.

Ever since Jaime gave us our first Pigeon book, and our first Piggy and Elephant book for Clare’s first birthday, we have been Mo’s biggest fans. Now just when we thought Clare was outgrowing these beloved characters, Mo Willems has paired up with illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi to create The Story of Diva and Flea, a brand new story about a pampered puppy and a streetwise cat who meet up in our girls’ favorite city (even though they haven’t yet visited) Paris!

The Story of Diva and Flea

When we were asked to create a simple DIY inspired by The Story of Diva and Flea, I knew we had to come up with something trés Parisian, pretty and just a little impractical and poetic. We decided on miniature French pastries, of course! Why not?

How to make miniature clay macarons.

Read on for the simple steps for how to make miniature clay french macarons and how to make miniature clay croissants…

DIY clay miniature croissants

The Story of Diva and Flea crafting with sculpey

Pick up a few pretty colors of Sculpey polymer clay. Your cookie filling should be a shade darker than the cookie.

crafting with sculpey

1. Shape 2 tiny disks of the lighter color Sculpey and a pancake of the darker color with the same circumference. Note: if you would like to avoid fingerprints, wear thin latex gloves.

2. Use a clay tool or a fork tine to “rough up” one edge of each disk all the way around.

3. Sandwich the “filling” between the two disks.

4. Gently press the sandwich together to desired height.

5. Bake as directed on clay packaging.

The story of Diva and Flea  DIY minature french macarons DIY miniature french croissants and macarons

Next let’s try some croissants.

1. Flatten a pea size piece of Sculpey clay into a very thin, roughly triangular shape.

2. Turn the edges in, shaping the bottom 2 corners to exaggerated points and keeping the top rounded.

3. Starting at the bottom, roll up the triangle.

4. Gently curve the ends in towards each other.

5. Bake as directed on the clay packaging.

DIY clay miniature croissants

Remind your kittens and puppies that these sweets are not for eating.

How to make macarons

The Story of Diva and Flea
by Mo Willems
illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi

Diva and Flea Mo Willems

Sponsored by Disney Publishing.




I absolutely love this! I mean, you had me at miniature! And what an incredible way to make the book come to life!! Now I’m thinking of a book here at home where I can try to create little miniatures to compliment the words, unfortunately my boys are big into superhereos and ninja turtles! Not as cute as miniature croissants and delicious macarons! 😉


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