How to Make Our Girl’s Headpieces as seen on Martha!

A while ago we shared with you some treats we made for a Martha Stewart Weddings photoshoot, and you asked us for the tutorial on the girl’s headpieces!

These are so quick to make and add just a little girly-punk edge to a sweet ensemble. If you like a more traditional hair accessory check out our DIY Big Bow Headband or the Fabric Flower Hairclip, and if you’ve got boys to sew for, head over here for the DIY on How to Make a Bow Tie as pictured on the cutie above.  Get the full Sweet & Punky Headpiece Tutorial after the jump…

Sweet & Punky Girl’s Headpieces
These headpieces are a fun freehand project, there’s no reason to get all crazy measuring and cutting, just have fun with it, and ask your girl to help you! You’ll need a couple different coordinating (or contrasting, whatever your pleasure) fabrics, and some ribbon, trim, or elastic to wrap around the wearer’s head. I used Amy Butler Fresh Poppies in Linen, some gray poly lining leftover from my DIY Lined Curtains, some trim leftover from the Fleece Pom Pom Garland, and a ribbon leftover from a gift.

1.  Cut one long strip of fabric a little more than double the width and length you’d like your final headpiece to be.  Fold that in half, right-sides facing, along the length and stitch up the side close to the edge. I serged the edge because I love serging, but that was silly and unnecessary:

2. Turn the tube you’ve created right side out with a loop turner or, more simply, by attaching a safety pin to one end and feeding it through the tube until it turns (for detailed pics showing how to do this check out this DIY Booster Seat post).  Iron your strip with the seam in the middle of one side like so:

3.  Now just sort of fold your tube up in a pretty way, folding it at angles this way and that, keeping it funky.  Just make sure the top and bottom edges are folded under.  You can pin it in place before you sew if you like.

4.  Run it through your sewing machine, sewing with a straight stitch down the middle or thereabouts:

here’s another version:

5.  Lay your ribbon, trim, or elastic across the stitch line and attach it with a stitch here and there.  Rip up some scraps of your other fabric and tie in knots around the ribbon over those stitches to hide them:

Done.  Super simple right??

Party time!

This shoot was concepted and styled by our talented friends Paige of Bash Eco-events and Kelly of Yes, Please, and photographed by the uber-talented Bonnie Tsang.  Check out the full story on Martha here.




Oh these are so lovely. You just keep amazing me with the wonderful things you post. Thank you thank you thank you.


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