How to Preserve Tomatoes: Three Simple & Delicious Ways

Enjoying a bumper crop of luscious fresh tomatoes? Not sure how to store your tomatoes so you can use them all winter long? Wondering what you can do with cherry tomatoes to make them last? Come into my garden with me, and I’ll share three of my favorite simple and delicious ways to preserve tomatoes.

For the complete step-by-step recipes visit these posts: How to Can Tomatoes, Slow Roasted Tomatoes, and The Best Pickled Tomato Recipe.

pickled tomatoes

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Wow! This cool phone helped in so many ways! And I can’t wait to pickle my tomatoes. Such great ideas on Prudent Baby!!!

Elyse D

Love this! I know so many people with tons of tomatoes this year and these are great ideas to preserve them. Incidentally, I love the quick access to camera functionality you showed in the video… every Momma needs quick access to the camera on her phone if she doesn’t want to miss a great photo opp. Thanks for sharing with us.


I have always wondered about canning. When you can the tomato do you need to heat them to get the seal? I have always been fuzzy on this part. My husband has an iPhone but I think he would like having a phone with buttons better. Maybe I will suggest he look into this one once his contract is up in the next couple of months. Thanks for the video!


Great ideas for canning cherry tomatoes! I love the roasted and packed in oil idea, I’ll definitely be doing this! Also, the camera on that phone seems super easy to access with one hand!


I never knew that it was so easy to can. I want my garden to look as beautiful and fruitful as yours.


I love the idea of roasting the tomatoes and packing in oil! You ladies always come up with the most inventive ideas. And pickling?! You just got this preggos ears perked WAY up. Heading out to the garden for my bumper crop of tomatoes to get my preserving on!


This makes me really wish I had a bounty of tomatoes! Pickled tomatoes sound amazing. I would probably add something to mine to make them spicy. 😉


Thanks for the canning tips! you make it seem so easy. Now I know what to do with all the cherry tomatoes on our back porch…


My husband plants 6 tomato plants every year. It reaps 9 million tomato for 6 months. Um, HE DOESNT EAT TOMATOES. I really needed these tips so I dont have to eat them all myself. This girl is making GIFTS!!! 🙂


Yum! I actually hate eating fresh tomatoes (something about the texture), but pickled! Yum! And the oil-packed ones! So many Great ideas.


Perfect timing!! We’ve got a bunch of tomatoes from the garden sitting on our counter and now I’m finally inspired to do something with them!


No surprise that Prudent Baby would be on top of how to make the most of the pile of fresh garden tomatoes I have in my kitchen right now. Thank you for the tips–I’ll be doing all of these!


Thanks Jaime! We grew tomatoes for the first time this year and can’t get through them fast enough. Going to roast some this week!


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