I Wish They All Could Be California… Scones

The egg-free scone recipe we posted three years ago, Kevin’s Famous Scones, is one of the most popular posts on Prudent Baby. I make these scones all the time because they’re quick, simple, and so moist and delicious. We’ve made a million different flavors and we shake up the shapes (like these cranberry and tangerine hearts) every now and then. Last weekend I was whipping up a raspberry batch and flipping through my cookie cutters when it hit me to make state scones. In retrospect I should have flavored them Cal-style, but an avocado-and-oragnic-sprout scone doesn’t sound that great. Or does it?

We have a giant California school map in our hallway, and Scarlet loves to point out the different cities where her family lives, so these little flags were a fun way to practice edible geography. Whether you desire to eat your state of residence or not, I recommend adding this recipe to your repertoire: Kevin’s Famous Scones.




We just made these for the first time today. I didn’t read the recipe carefully, the fruit part, so I added chocolate chips since we didn’t have any frozen fruit on hand. They were delicious! After we were done I looked at the recipe again and saw the fruit was actually fruitish. Ha ha ha!


Once again I am reminded: can we get a Sacto Prudent Mamas meet-up sometime on one of your trips?


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