Inspiration: Weekend in Austin, TX

I’m just back from a fantastic trip to Austin with my mother-in-law and the girlies. Some kind of “fantasy-baseball-man-weekend” was going on at my house, so I packed our bags and didn’t look back for 3 days. There is nothing like a change of scenery to get inspired, no? See some highlights of our trip after the jump.

The Hotel San José offered tons of inspiration for a little outdoor seating area that I’m fixing up at my house. Every morning I grabbed a latte at Jo’s, the amazing coffee bar adjacent to the hotel, and wandered about. Ahhhhh…

Love this simple shelf for protecting cushions from the elements and displaying a few cacti.

And everything about these little seating areas oozed a sense of style and relaxation.

A local shop displayed a few kokka fabrics as art by “stretching” them on canvas.

Clare tested out a darling “smocked” duvet at West Elm, while wearing a dress from Little Bean (of course.) Like her fake sleeping?

And speaking of Little Bean, owner Christine, suggested I swing by Spartan and Bows + Arrows for some quality shopping. Loved this wood on the back wall…

And this lightbox art was gorgeous. Something like this would be nightlight perfection! From there, the lovely Lauren, sent us to DOMY Books but we didn’t make it over. Next time!

Lastly, check out this insane paper-cut display from Anthro and I’m dying to try out a batch of these savory Jalapeno Cheddar scones based on Kevin’s Famous Scone Recipe. Don’t you want one right now?

We had such a great time and when we returned home, the house actually looked better than I left it! Nice!



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