Irish Snakebite Beer Cocktail

Irish Snakebite Beer Cocktail (4 of 4)Last week for Pretty Prudent happy hour we enjoyed a delicious Grapefruit and Rosemary Beer Cocktail. We thought we’d keep with the same theme, but put an Irish twist on things since St. Patrick’s Day is just a hop, skip, and jig away. The Snakebite Beer Cocktail is a popular drink in Ireland and the United Kingdom, so popular (and tasty) in fact that it has been banned from many pubs. When I was going to school in Ireland I would ask for them, but was denied more often than not. Today we are bringing them back with this insanely easy recipe.

Learn how to make an Irish Snakebite after the jump…

Irish Snakebite Beer Cocktail

1 part Irish stout (or lager)
1 part hard cider

The reason we call this the Irish Snakebite is because we made it with Guinness, however, it is also commonly made with a lager.

Start by filling half the glass with cider.
Irish Snakebite Beer Cocktail (1 of 4)

Flip a spoon upside down and hold it over the glass. Pour the Guinness over the back of the spoon and into the cup slowly. This helps keep them separated. Now it’s time to drink up.


Irish Snakebite Beer Cocktail (2 of 4)




I used to be fond of this at our local Irish pub back when I young. It was half Guinness, half Harps and a splash of raspberry Schnapps poured into the foam in the shape of a clover.


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