It’s a Marshmallow World

Guess the very first thing that I did in 2012. Yes, I made marshmallows. Heavenly, delicious marshmallows using Jaime’s marshmallow recipe. At midnight. Ya know how people say the Grand Canyon is majestic and amazing but you never really know what they mean until you see it for yourself? Trust me. Make these marshmallows.

Substitute 1 teaspoon almond extract for the coffee (or vanilla) extract listed in the recipe. Pop one in your morning coffee. Eat them straight. Taunt your brother with them. All delightful options.

If you want to go fancy for the kids, see this post for DIY “peeps.”



Alison F.

LOVE homemade marshmallows!!!! It's so funny to cause everyones first reaction is "You can't make marshmallows! Only machines can make marshmallows!" But now the guys at my husbands work request them about twice a month. At Christmas I did chocolate drizzle with crushed peppermint. They were YUMMY!!!


Your mom still had a few left when we went for dinner last Sunday. I have to say – a week later and they were still AMAZING….I ate them all…. đŸ™‚


hi Nicole-We are still trying to work out the links for the redesign but I went in and fixed these for you. Happy Marshmallow making! Send some to me, will ya? : )


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