{it’s here}

*speechless* please speak for me

Prudent Advice will be in stores October 12th and is available for pre-order now.  Amazon| Barnes & Noble | Borders | Indie Bound



Amy H.

It is beautiful. I mean really beautiful. I can only imagine the feeling running through you right now. May you catch your breath.


off to post it on my FB page and shout it to the world…


I'm excited about the book! There is a typo in the paragraph that describes it—-". . .from her own experience and thise of her blog followers."


So beautiful! So proud! Congrats!! Obviously, people all over the world already read your words on your blogs, but the feeling of having people physically be able to hold them and read them slowly, and come back to them time and time again, in the flesh- I can't imagine that feeling! To have people give them as gifts to new parents, and sit them on their coffee tables, and peruse them in the bookstore coffee shop, and remember their beautiful consequences…You deserve it, you are a great writer!


Writing a book for your child to always have and refer to is the ultimate dream. It's something I know every mother has thought about. Congrats on this huge accomplishment. I hope you have a little boy next, maybe you'll do a prudent advice for boys (:


Congrats on the book!! It looks great. I should probably buy it because lately I feel like the only useful advice I have to impart is "101 ways to set off the fire alarm," which I suppose isn't very useful after all.

Depending on how you look at things.


So thrilled for you Jaime and beyond proud to know you!! … i have 4 friends having girls this fall so I know what they'll be getting at their baby shower! Congrats!!


Congratulations! I've been following your blog for a few weeks now but I only found the Prudent Advice blog a few days ago. I can guess that the book is lovely and I'll be excited to order my own copy! Grats again.


It looks GORGEOUS! I can not wait to see it in person! Congratulations girl! I know how hard you worked on this and the journey it took getting here! You are an amazing woman and mother. Scarlet is one lucky little girl.

K. Fox

What an exciting and marvelous thing! Having started and never finished five different books of my own (seriously), I can seriously appreciate how accomplished and wonderful this must feel. It's so personal and the fact that it is so linked to your child and family is just precious. I'm going to pre-order NOW. So excited! All my appreciation and support for what you and Jacinda have done for my creative life! You're so inspiring and helpful. THANK YOU!


It's beautiful and I can't wait to get a copy. You know, as a published author, you have pretty much achieved my dearest dream πŸ™‚



Congratulations Jaime. I ordered 2 copies and can't wait to get them. One will go to Elsa and the other to a friend. Great job! You should be very proud!


Congratulations! It is a gorgeous print containing gorgeous words.

I will be getting my copy as soon as it out here in Canada.

I'm happy for you!




I just pre-ordered mine…it will be a fun surprise to get in October!! I love the colors and the style of the book! I will enjoy reading it, and then saving it to pass on to my daughter when she's older! Congrats!

Sara D

My feelings could best be described by a scene from Napoleon Dynamite in which Uncle Rico is selling Tupperware to a woman and her husband. When Rico shows the woman the special gift she will get after buying his Tupperware, she leans over to her husband and whispers, "I want that."


Congrats Jaime!

I have to admit–I nearly cried just reading the opening page to Scarlet.

I can't WAIT to read my copy!


I just pre-ordered 7 copies. Thanks for taking care of my Christmas shopping already! We've had a flood of baby girls this year in my circle and I know this is just the sort of item their mommies will treasure and appreciate (and agree with!)


Jaime, it's an amazing book – creative, brilliant – a treasure. I just pre-ordered 4 copies. I'm so proud to say this was written by my ultra-talented friend, Jaime. xo Sherri

The Mother Lode

i totally get all teary when i look at the images and glimpse at a few of the phrases here and there – i'm sure i'll go through an entire box of tissue when i sit down to soak this in, and share it with my daughter. just knowing all of the love going into this book and how the gentle guidance and teachings will be treasured so deeply by the lives it touches. so personal, poignant and profound, and absolutely universal. well done, sweet soul, well done.


Coming back to let you know that I have just pre-ordered my copy through Amazon.ca, instead of waiting until it comes out here, north of the border.

Can't wait to get it!

Congrats again



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