Jacinda and Jaime’s Adventures in Television

Jacinda and I don’t get to see each other too often these days, what with her shacked up in Dallas and me homesteading in Los Angeles. But every now and then a fun opportunity comes up for us to get together in another city and enjoy champagne and craftiness and eating cheese until 2 a.m. in hotel rooms in our sweats. So when PBS invited us to head out to Cleveland and do some sewing tutorials for their awesome TV show It’s Sew Easy, we jumped at the chance!

But first we had an incident while getting prettied up for TV. As I said on facebook, I need a caption for this picture but I was (and still am) laughing too hard… suggestions welcome. I think that so far “Bless You” is my fave…

We are still unable to take a picture in which one of us is not laughing and staring off into space.

Backstage we got to play with a whole suite of fancy-schmancy Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machines (I’m totally into the new Laura Ashley Limited Edition Isodore that we sneak-peeked)…

Also shooting the same day were some amazing ladies and gentlemen, including Trish Preston from Two Peas in A Pod designs, Eileen Roche from Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine, George and Virginia Siciliano, AND we got a pro lesson in embroidery (and scrunchie-making tricks) from Brother’s very own expert and prudent-mama-in-charge, June.

The magical sewing table was rearranged for each of our projects to accommodate two sewists (or one sewist and one Prudent Mama cracking jokes while the other one tried to sew)…

I so wish I could tell you about the amazing super-adorable tute Jacinda prepared for the show, but alas I am sworn to secrecy! You best check your local listings for when It’s Sew Easy is on in your area, and we will keep you posted on when our segments will air!




that picture is hilarious… and I automatically have filthy captions in my mind that I'll keep to myself. But also, Jacinda's hair looks super-hot.


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