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Don’t worry, not the real kind of homeschooling.

Funny Story. Once a woman in Starbucks asked me (while I was with 1yr old Clare) if I would like a brochure on homeschooling and I said “no thank you, do you have any information on boarding school?” She was horrified. My husband always tells me that I’m not as funny as I think I am. I’d guess that homeschooling lady would agree. No, really, homeschooling is very cool, I’m no-kidding in awe of it.

Ok, so Jaime and I have been talking about making an effort to improve the quality of the time we spend with the kiddos. To plan creative activities and such. Today, Clare and I made these necklaces! It was actually something we could both enjoy. At first I tried to give her a coordinated palette of beads and tie between her beads but she wanted to do her own thing and … wait for it… I just let her. We had so much fun just hanging out and having some crafty fun! PS. I asked her who she wanted to make a necklace for and she said “you, mommy.” (tear)

How to make your own beaded necklaces after the jump

1. First I cut a bunch of 1″ wide strips of fabric. They were about 18″ long but you will tie them together later so it doesn’t much matter.

2. Collect a bunch of wide-hole wooden beads. These are from Michaels.

3. Try to micro manage toddler by selecting coordinating beads for her to use and get shot down.

4. Tie a knot at one end of the fabric.

5. Roll the other end tightly and wrap scotch tape around the tip so it looks like the end of a shoelace.

6. Start lacing your beads. tie knots in fabric to space beads if so desired.

7. When you get towards the end, tie to a new strip and keep going.

Pretty cute and wearable, right?




"I said "no thank you, do you have any information on boarding school?" She was horrified."

What's wrong with your DH? That is hilarious!!!

Great idea, I can't wait to try it with my little ones!


Thanks for the idea!Not sure Rubes has quite got the hand / eye coordination but it's certainly good for practicing and I can get a sweet necklace too!


I am in agreeance with all of the above comments. GREAT project and PERFECT response to a seemingly unwarranted inquiry. I can't wait for Elsa to make millions of these baubles!


hey from a homeschool mam in Ireland , have 2.5 year old and 11 year old always looking for crafts they can do together…this is perfect :0)


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