Jammin’ with Jaime: Bellini Jam Recipe (Peaches! Champagne!)

peach jam recipe with champagne
Millions of peaches! Peaches for me! And champagne… the perfect combo. Learn how to combine the fruity goodness of a ripe peach with the bubbly freshness of champagne into a most delicious jam with my easy recipe. If you’ve never made jam before, DO NOT BE AFRAID! It’s easy, and easily becomes an obsession.

Bellini Jam Recipe peaches and champagne

Enjoy this at a lovely brunch with my favorite food: croissants, and my favorite beverage: champagne (or prosecco, or cava, or sparkling wine, or perrier)…champagne jam recipe with peaches

Last I visited Jacinda in Dallas, we whipped out my Bellini jam for this photo shoot, and being the economical, prudent women that we are, we couldn’t let the “props” go to waste. Day drinking for the win!

I gave you the full play-by-play with step-by-step photography on my Blackberry Basil Jam recipe, so this time I’m going to share my Peaches & Champagne Bellini Jam recipe after the jump…

This recipe makes a lot of jam. Like 64 ounces, depending on the size of your peaches. You can chop it in half, but why? Preserve it and give it to everyone you visit and they will love you for it.

Peaches & Champagne Bellini Jam Ingredients
14 ripe peaches (ripeness is very important in jam making!), peeled (just pull the peel off, it’s easy)
2 cups champagne/sparkling wine
1/2 cup lemon juice
4 cups sugar
Pectin – You have lots of options. I like low-sugar pectin so I can make a lower-sugar jam, I used Pomona Universal pectin which has two steps, calcium water and pectin powder, in these amounts:
9 teaspoons calcium water
8 teaspoons pectin powder

Peaches & Champagne Bellini Jam Instructions
I used my Ball® FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker, which is awesome, but you can also use your stove.
Peel your ripe peaches and smush them in your hands over a large bowl. Let the peach chunks and juice collect in the bowl. When they are all in the bowl, smush them with your hands again so you have a delicious, peachy, pulpy bowl of jam-ready goodness.
If using two-step pectin, add your calcium water.
Add the champagne and lemon juice.
Now start by sprinkling the pectin powder on the bottom of your jam and jelly maker (or follow the stove instructions on your particular brand of pectin).
Add the peach mixture.
If using the jam maker, turn it on set to the jam setting. It will mix for four minutes until it beeps, then add the sugar. If not using the jam maker, follow the instructions on your pectin for when to add the sugar. This is usually right at the beginning.
Let the jam maker run and it will do all your stirring for you. If you are using the stove you just have to stand and stir.
When your jelly is done, skim the foam off the top and preserve by either placing in the fridge, freezing, or canning. For instructions on how to can jam/jelly (it’s so easy) go to this post and follow the same steps (which are sterilize your jars and lids, pour jelly into jars, add lids and rings, then boil for ten minutes and let sit overnight).
Remember, the jelly won’t be “jelled” right off the stove/jam maker, it will need to set. Newbies to jam making sometimes get confused and think it will be perfectly done right off the stove, but it needs to cool first.

how to make bellini peach and champagne jam




Yay! Presidents of the United States of America! I might just have to dig out that album to jam to while I’m making jam. (Haha, did you catch that? Jamming while jamming) You just made my morning. Thanks Jamie!

EJ Roberts

What do I need to do with the recipe if I am NOT using the Ball® FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker? I want to make this on the stove so do I need to do anything differently? Thanks!


do you have any jelly recipes for pears. my husbands grandmother used to make him some when he was little but we cant find any that taste good


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