Jet Planes and Pickles: It’s Friday I’m in Love

Scary thing I did that wasn’t that scary after all: So, Carleton’s friend invited us to join he and his wife on a trip to Santa Barbara for the night – IN THIS PLANE THAT HE PILOTED. I was totally scared beforehand (perhaps it did not help that Carleton kept referring to me as “shark bait”), but once we were in the air it was so calm and peaceful. So now “learn to fly a plane” is added to my bucket list. Also, the lack of red lights and full body pat-downs was pretty sweet.

Moment of cuteness: Normally my husband avoids my cutesy instagram photo set-ups at all costs, but he let me have this one. Thx babe. đŸ™‚

If you wanna follow our instagram photo barf, we are @prudentjaime and @prudentjacinda.

What we were making this week: Pickled up some of our tried and true Easy Peasy Spicy Pickles. I love refrigerator pickles. The only thing I did differently from my usual recipe was I added fresh dill and doubled it. Deelish.

Thing I am getting increasingly excited about: My new book comes out in five weeks! It’s a journal for YOU to write YOUR OWN prudent advice for YOUR daughter and it’s called My Prudent Advice (you can pre-order it on amazon now!). I hope you like it.

Space we loved pinning: Jacinda and I wish we worked face to face in a beautiful office like this instead of face to text message. Sadface.

In the news: Loved seeing Jacinda’s DIY Travel Lap Tray on Apartment Therapy Family.

Totally best giveaway ever: Jaime made a beautiful video of our families together while we were all in LA. I love it so much. Ya know what else I love? FABRIC! Here’s our sweet “home video” and the details on how you can enter to win $250 worth of fabric from Fabricworm over on the Prudent Baby YouTube page. Fabric like the gorgeous new Field Study from Anna Maria Horner. Come say Hi!


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