J+J Forever, Costumes and Sleepyheads: Friday I’m in Love

Hi Prudent Mamas, Colleen here (Jaime and Jacinda’s assistant). It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday I’m in Love, but I’m excited to announce that it’s going to become a more regular thing! Let’s get started…Best Part of this Week: Jacinda came to town! It’s been wonderful having Jacinda here in LA. We’ve been a crafty bunch of fools making all sorts of pretty surprises we can’t wait to share with you. Don’t ever leave Jacinda!

Best Part of Next Week: On Wednesday, October 24th Jacinda will be speaking at the Texas Conference for Women in the Bloggers’ Lounge sponsored by TX M.I.L.K.. She will give you all the tips you need for turning your hobby blog into a paying job. We will also announce the winner of Jaime’s stunning book, My Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Daughter (Journal). You can still enter the giveaway here.

Song to Sing Your Heart out to in the Car: Ho Hey by the Lumineers. The 2-year-old I watch introduced me to it, ha!

Question We Love Hearing Your Answer To: What are some of your favorite children’s books? There is always room for new books on the shelf so hop on over to our Twitter and let us know your favorites.

Date Night Theme #1:
My boyfriend and I are trying out a new thing – themed date nights – and we’re kicking it off with a Moonrise Kingdom theme since it just came out on DVD. Complete with bacon s’mores, a glowing blanket fort, some of these vinyls and hopefully I can convince him to have a dance party with me to this song, just like in the movie. Do you have any other ideas? I’m totally using this as an excuse to wear bright blue eyeshadow like Suzy Bishop. Image via Indiewire

Now that I’ve told you all about our week, let’s hear about yours!


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Colleen-I’m dying over your Moonrise Kingdom date night photos on instagram. You are going to have to do a post!


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