Keep Raw Fabric Edges From Fraying

Is your fabric stash falling to pieces after a spin in the dryer? Mine was. Look at those poor tangled beauties! Get a quick fix to keep raw fabric edges from fraying after the jump.

A little fabric fairy at my local sewing shop suggested that I stitch the cut edge of a particularly fray-prone fabric before washing. I will never look back! I used my Brother Serger but you can easily do a zig-zag on your sewing machine or even just trim with pinking shears. Look at those pretty edges! This won’t be news to sewing veterans, I’ve bought vintage fabric with these finished edges but never put it together. Another case of rampant mommy brain? Sometimes I’m so dense, I swear.

Clare says… Mommy, you made us a blanket! Super-mom indeed.
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marisa husband will thank you! Gone are the days of twisting his boxers and socks out of massive piles of fabric! Good trick!


The second I read the title it crossed my mind to use pinking shears. Duh why hadn't I thought that before. Thanks for waking us all up to common sense πŸ™‚


Why is it that every. single. time. I am perplexed by a sewing-related irk, within days you post the very simple answer? I only wish I had wondered about this BEFORE I put 6 half yards of Riley Blake Hooty Hoot in the dryer last week and then had to spend forever straightening up the edges…I love you, Prudent Baby!


lol.. i never wash the fabric before. shame on me. i know. buuuut when i get it, i just have to use it right then and there!!

The Queen

I know I should, but it seems like a lot of work! I will remember that though when I purchase my quilting fabric for daughter #3's quilt. I try and buy much nicer (and more expensive) fabric and I don't want to ruin it.


You know what I do with those tangles is leave them as is until I know what I want to do with the fabric. I then trim it up and know that it's my seam side. πŸ™‚
There are days I wish I had a serger but then it wouldn't be as much fun when my son helps zigzag stitch. πŸ™‚


i usually zigzag, but if I can't get in my room (because a baby is napping . . . or a husband . . . )pinking shears help too!


I cut with pinking shears – seems faster than stitching for whatever reason – before I wash any non-knit fabric. You still may get some tiny little frays, but it's SO much better. Just remember to ask for an inch or so more fabric than you need so there is room to cut or stitch without messing up your actual cutting/creating space.


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