Kevin’s Famous Scones

My sister and her family are visiting for the long weekend. One of my many great joys in seeing them is requesting one of my brother-in-laws baked goods, usually his famous scones! He has been generous enough to share his recipe with Prudent Baby saying, “I make these on days that I have to work on weekends. Although it is not fun missing weekend time with Sunshine and crew, I think they may look forward to it. Bad for the arteries but good for the heart.”

Doesn’t he sound dreamy?

Kevin’s not-top-secret scone recipe after the jump.

2.5 c flour
0.5 c sugar (I like turbinado sugar)
2.5 tsp. baking powder
0.5 tsp salt
6 Tblsp COLD unsalted butter
1 c heavy cream
0.5 c frozen fruit (~ish. Frozen helps keep the fruit intact. Blackberry and raspberry are my faves but have done peach, blueberry, chocolate chip, mango,

I use a stand mixer. Mix first 4 ingredients. Add butter (chopped) and mix to a meal. Add cream and mix. Add berries and mix. Place onto flat surface and form a circle. Sprinkle with more sugar and cut into wedges. Place wedges on baking sheet. Bake in 425 degree oven for 15-17 minutes.



Little Sooti

Wow! They look scrumptious..I will be making them this weekend I think.. thanks!! 🙂

Ugga Mugga

I made these today and they are amazing! I'm so glad I made a double batch right from the start! These will be gone in a giff and I know they'll become a staple in our family. Kevin is now as famous in our home as his scones are! Thank you!


Ugga Mugga- Thanks for letting us know! Nothing, nothing, nothing pleases us more than hearing that you are out there trying out our crazy projects. Serious.

Alexandra Auld

WOW! i love recipes you can jump up from the computer and make. These are fantastic! I didnt have any frozen fruit so I used some blackberry jam and may just I say they were fantastic! Keep that brother-in-law close!


I've been putting this off for weeks! I finally broke down yesterday and made them! All I can say is I wish I had made them when I first saw the recipe, so fantastic! Thanks for posting it.


i made these today after seeing the California scones post. So good! thank you for sharing!

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Made these delicious beauties this morning with my 3 yr old. So amazing! Thanks!


Can’t thank you enough for this recipe. They are delicious. My 4YO highly allergic son can’t get enough of them. He’s been telling everyone about your scones.


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