Kimono Wrap Dress with Tulip Hem (Free Pattern)

The Kimono Wrap Dress with Tulip Hem is a summer dress tutorial that will have you mastering the skill of bias tape in no time. We’ve shown you How to Sew with Bias Tape and How to Make Bias Tape, but now Anshu from Blooms and Bugs will help you put your skills to the test with this sweet summer dress. Anshu has also shared her Summertime Jumper Tutorial and How to Fix a Plunging Neckline DIY with us in the past.

While you’re at the machine, you might just want to whip up a pair of Anshu’s Double Ruffle Boutique Style Leggings and Ruffle Fabric Romper. If you don’t have the time to sew it up, check out the prettiest dresses at the Blooms and Bugs Etsy Store.

Let’s get to sewing the Kimono Wrap Dress with Tulip Hem + Free Pattern after the jump…

Kimono Wrap dress with Tulip Hem

Sometime back I shared with you How to Sew a Tulip Hem. Now I’m back with the complete tutorial and free pattern for sewing the wrap dress with tulip hem.

Its a great and easy sew project if you are comfortable sewing with bias tape. If you are not…well..then its a great project to make you comfortable with bias tape 🙂

Tulip Hem Dress Sewing Pattern

Half yard for skirt
2 fat quarters for bodice
Bias Tape – 2 yards

2-3 hours

Skill Level:
Confident Beginner

Techniques Used:
Sewing with Bias Tape
Sewing Ric-Racs
Sewing Tulip Hems

Step 1: Cut out the pattern pieces

Step 2: Sew the bodice pieces along the shoulders ( right sides together), such that each front piece is attached to one shoulder of the back piece.

Step 3: Also sew along the sides. Here is how the bodice will look at this point.

Step 4: Sew bias tape along the edge of neckline.

Step 5. Here is how it will look once you are done.

Step 6: Prepare the Tulip Hem Skirt according to the tutorial here. Attach it to the bodice by sewing right sides together.

Step 7: Finish the armholes by sewing 1/4 inch bias tape.

Step8. Sew buttonholes on the sides at the front of the part that is going to come in front. Sew buttons on the inner part of the front.

Put the dress on your cutie! Admire!




This dress is so very cute!! I have a silly question, though… For what size girl is this dress? I tried looking at the pattern and tutorial but didn’t see a size. Just wanted to check.
Thank you for the adorable tutorial!


So cute! My granddaughter loved the wrap dress & I’m sure this will be a hit, too. Thanks for the pattern!


From looking at the pattern, I can see that the size is 3T. I’m a Brit though and don’t understand US kids sizing – does 3T fit age 2-3 years or is it for a 3-4 year old? I’ve had 3T clothing for my son before from the US that seems ridiculously small on him (and he’s tiny for his age), so am assuming it’s to fit up to age 3, but thought I’d better check.


Maybe it is me? I have clicked every link up there in blue and none took me to a pattern for this particular dress. Maybe there just isn’t one? Which is ok I just didn’t want to be missing it if there was one. The dress sure is cute.

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