Kiwi Crate: Super Mom’s Secret Weapon

kiwi crateWe’ve loved Kiwi Crate for a long time so when they invited us to try a kit and share our experience with y’all, we jumped on this fun sponsored opportunity. As expected, the kit (farm-themed this month) was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. What I didn’t anticipate was that since we now have a reader in the house, Clare was able to run the show, with her trusty sidekick Quinn standing by to lend a hand. Guys, you should totally teach your kids to read, it’s awesome.

My heart swelled with pride as I watched them follow the instructions…
kiwi crateCooperate in building a mini farm…
kiwi crateKiwi Crateand craft 5 adorable farm finger puppets… without help from mom.
kiwi crate They are already asking when they will get another Kiwi Crate. Sooo, I guess I better use my own 25% off promotion code and hook these sisters up. Read on for the details…
kiwi crate

I mean, how can I say no to those teeth?

kiwi crate

What I loved about our Kiwi Crate experience is that we found ourselves with a few lazy hours one afternoon and had a complete kit on hand to start up some fun. No planning, no supply shopping, we were just able to jump into a few great no-fail activities. We were having such a good time that we did both projects. We were a little sad when it was over but then we realized there was a whole activity book with more to do.

kiwi crate

As an aside: Soil pellets are the most mesmerizing and mind-blowing invention ever.

Kiwi Cratekiwi crate

But then again: We are also quite amused by spare felt stickers.

kiwi crate


kiwi crate kiwi crate

If you are looking for a way to streamline family quality time as we head towards the hustle-bustle of back to school, Try Kiwi Crate and take 25% off your first kit with the promotional code PP25

kiwi crate

It might free up enough time for you to mend your daughter’s shirt for a photoshoot, rather than tying it in a knot. Sigh, fail. Eh, there’s still 4 weeks of Summer in these parts. Y’all are lucky we put on clothes at all! Just. kidding.

kiwi crate

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kiwi Crate

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