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It’s 2 AM and I just awoke sitting upright on the couch with a puddle of drool on my shoulder and a giant baby boy across my lap. Soooo sleepy. So do you mind if Link Love is a little about us this week?

First of all, this morning is your last chance to enter for the chance to win the Silhouette Digital Cutting Tool. Entries will close at noon CT and a winner will be announced this afternoon. EXCITING! In fact, even if you have already entered, go ahead and enter one more time, share on facebook, stumble-upon and twitter for additional entries, leaving a comment each time. Don’t leave entries here, please click link above to go to entry post.

Also, be sure to enter for the chance to win a Custom Toy Portrait from First Friends.

The Sweet on Paper contest is in full swing. Are some of you working on your entries this weekend? We’ve already seen some cuteness coming in!

I just finished up a series of posts on Babble’s Baby’s First Year Blog, 100 Things I Love Now That I’m a Mom, inspired by Jaime asking a group of our friends the same question. We’ve done FASHION, PEOPLE, BEAUTY, CONVENIENCES, ENTERTAINMENT , KIDDO CARE, FORMER PET PEEVES, TRAVEL, PLAY-TIME and WELLNESS
What did I forget… besides how satisfying it is to pick your baby’s nose?

And Jaime curated Babble’s 50 Best Etsy Baby Shops. It’s a must-see for buying handmade for baby! And if your favorite store wasn’t included, you can nominate them on Babble! Image from Gingiber.

This weekend is little Miss Scarlet’s 3rd birthday party. Happy birthday girl! So you know next week is going to have some of our best posts ever, based on our birthday parties past. Here, here and here.

Here in Texas we are going to be hard at work in the garden. The beds are all ready for planting!

How about you? What crafty fun are you up to this weekend? Leave a comment for the chance to win our Ukulele fabric!





I'm hoping to turn one of my T-shirts into your super simple girl's dress, I've got my elastic thread already on the bobbin, I just need to sit down and sew it! I also want to stitch up a few project bags for my yarn shop and hopefully finish spinning a yarn or two this weekend. Oh, and I've got to finish my samples for the crochet classes I teach at JoAnn's and drop them off. Wow, that's a lot! If only these kids could just feed themselves, I'd be all set …


The Queen

Working on sewing summer clothes for my kids. It's a lot of work and probably not worth the cost and time it takes, but it's so nice to have something I've made and finished. (Especially when the house work never ends!!!)


SO glad you said that about picking baby's nose! How true is tha? If only he would hold still so I could really get my pinkie in there to fish around… Haha…


I'm starting on some Easter crafts this weekend. Bought some CUTE Easter ribbon at Hobby Lobby, super cheap at 40% off. Making a wreath for the front door, and putting it on the baby's Easter basket.


I'm planning to sew a diaper for my son's baby and hopefully make some headway on my baby's quilt. Unless I end up having the baby instead (due tomorrow).

Mama Bear

I am totally going to finish one of my five projects in progress. That ukelele fabric would be great for ukelele applique, since I'm totally going to win both fabric and silhouette.


I'll be trying to finish at least one of the half-finished projects that are cluttering up my sewing area (and my brain! so much more fun to think about this than work…). Most important (and fun) is a floor pillow for a 2nd birthday gift with some really beautiful floral fabric. And hopefully not adding another 50 things to my "I want to make that" list.


Just found your blog and love it because I'm trying to self-teach sewing. I had to show my husband the part about picking noses because I have been absolute obsessed with it since she got her very first boogers. I use the rounded end of the lever on a pair of nail clippers to gently scrape them out while she's sleeping. He thinks I'm nuts. It's always great to have someone publicly admit they do "weird" things because then everyone knows it's not so weird!


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