Last Day to Enter to Win A Bias Tape Maker!

Check out this baby in action…

 Ladies, you can win one of these, along with a new pair of shears and a bias tape ruler from Simplicity.  Today is the last day to enter, so visit the Bias Tape Table Runner Challenge contest post for all the details! You’ve got until midnight!



Happy Homemaker

Ooh…yes, please. I'm a follower and love your blog and tutorials and great advice. And this giveaway, well, it's just downright fantastic! I make a lot of quilts and this would make my life so much easier and make the process that much faster. Thanks for the opportunity!


This is no run of the mill giveaway ladies! You must make a table runner to enter the contest! Today! But it's so easy, it can be done. Go Go Go!


So so cool and fast. I had to make my own for a project I was working on (made a picnic tablecloth/laying down thing) because I wanted a really wide bias tape. It was easier than I thought. Now if only I could cut such perfect strips of fabric!


It's ridiculous how much I fantasize about this machine. Maybe if my husband made me bias tape I'd spend more time thinking about him đŸ™‚

Mrs K.

what can i say but I WANT ONEEEEE … hahaha, looking at it makes me excited already what more if with me … but i dont think I can enter all the way from Sydney … but i still want one hahahaha … thanks for making us drool Jaime hahaha


I'm not going to lie I blame prudent baby for my lack of sleep and project list a mile long, but before I started reading this blog I have never sewed anything and now I feel unstoppable! I can even convince my husband to help me make bias tape (the old slow way). Yup, I love that man!


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