Leather Bow Bracelet

I think I have found my favorite spring accessory and the best part is it’s completely do it yourself. My jaw just about dropped when I first saw these on Maikitten. Of course they would look absolutely adorable on the little ones, but mamas this is also something that can be made just for you. Oooh mommy and me matching bracelets could be perfect for Easter.

Along with Maikitten’s cool DIY projects, you can also keep up with new Art and Design, sewing projects, and great tips for things to do and see in Berlin. Which reminds me, the site is almost 100% written in German, a quick click on google translate can change that.

Without further ado, take it away Maikitten

Leather Bow Bracelet

A couple of days ago I saw these beautiful leather bracelets over at Les Mads and remembered some leather leftovers I had.

All you need to do to get a nice leather bracelet:
– cut an oval piece: 24 cm x 10 cm / 9,5 inch x 4 inch
– form a bow with a small band and use some leather glue to fix it
– add a press button

Thanks so much Maikitten! You can also check out Maikitten’s many posts on the Etsy blog.




I swooned over the snap tool in this photo with so many different sizes and the press, too. Where can I look to get one of these? My online searches only yield small handheld crafty snap tools that do one size. I really want to invest in a longer lasting tool for many types of projects. Thanks!


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