Leather, Rabies and Gelato: It’s Friday I’m in Love

Random blog we are crushing on: About a year ago Jaime sent me a link to Baby Rabies and said… “She lives in Dallas, you both have a deliciously dark sense of humor, go stalk her and become friends.” We still haven’t met in person but Jill  brings daily tears to my eyes with her honest and hilarious commentary on parenthood. She also has mad photo skills courtesy of Clickin’ Moms, where we are both part of their Blog Ambassador program.

Project we wish we had posted: Edible Teacups
Our pin you loved the most: 4th of July Strawberries
Both so simple and inventive, guaranteed show stoppers for Summer entertaining.

Funny thing my kid said: Quinn: “Cinderelly dressed in yelly, come sit next to me ya fine felly” Parent. Of. The. Year.

Favorite comment on prudent baby: This is truly beautiful! and great job on the gardening!
I’m at the year-1 stage of backyard gardening in our new home. Some plants start to get killed by the southern heat, so I put on shade and they slowly recover from the heat damage. Learning process…..

Thanks for sharing your garden pictures, I hope mine gets better and better in the years to come~

It’s great to know I’m not alone on the Summer heat gardening woes. Oh Texas. Thanks for the tips Lucy!

Place we wish we were headed this weekend: I can’t wait! In just a few short weeks I am off to Florence and Umbria for a week. I’m mostly going to celebrate our dear friend Kate’s wedding (aren’t her invites by Swiss Cottage Designs gorgeous?) but first I’ll be exploring Florence for a few days for the first time. Take that bucket list! I haven’t planned anything yet, gulp, so can I sleep on your divano? per favore? All Florence advice and hook-ups welcome.

This thing I acquired and adore utterly: My friend Anca, who I met through Tophatter, sent me these gorgeous suede scraps that were leftover from her handmade journal/sketchbook shop. Wouldn’t her journals make the perfect graduation or Father’s Day gift? Or birthday gift for your favorite May baby? : ) Anca is in Romania so plan ahead! You will be seeing these beautiful pieces of leather popping up in future projects here at PB.

I am off to Kansas City for Quilt Market this Sunday. I wont have time for much except lunch and dinner near the convention center. Anything I MUST EAT or DRINK in Kansas City?




I was wanting to check out the handmade journals and the link does not work. I can google but also thought you would like to know 🙂 Have fun at the quilt shop!!


I was in Florence last year and it was wonderful! Michelangelo’s David is a must along with the Duomo, but I think you may enjoy the street market they had. It’s on a street that runs parallel to the duomo and was awesome. There’s also a little cafe that is on the bell tower side of the square down the street a little ways that was the best food we had on our trip. It’s kind of hidden. We found it by chance and were so happy!

I hope you have a great time!


I’m originally from KC, and my favorite restaurant in the entire world is Jack Stack. Go to the downtown location. And enjoy the Plaza!

Jill @Babyrabies

xoxo So funny. I’ve been stalking you ladies for probably 2 years now 🙂 One day our collective awesome will come together in the same room. And it will be epic. Thanks for the love!

Stephanie Wharton-Lynch

If you’re in KC you have to eat BBQ! Gates is my favorite but Arthur Bryant’s is a close second! There are also some good little places near the city market.

Sophie-Anne Vachon

While in Florence, you should definitely head to the other side of the river and go eat a 9-10 o’clock dinner at Osteria Antica Mescita San Niccolò http://www.osteriasanniccolo.it/. My husband and I went there after getting married 3 years ago and still talk about the amazing food. Nothing touristy. Just real food from Florence… and if you do go there, please enjoy a glass (a bottle) of toscan wine, the house’s antipasti and some homemade stuffed pasta. You will not regret it!

Rose :: Fine Craft Guild .com

well, living in Italy, yes, I do have some tips for you:
1. take time FOR YOURSELF and simply BE THERE, without anyone/anything you must accomplish and simply sit around. ADVENTURE happens.
2. bring a camera, at all times, but don’t be its slave. live must be lived instead of recorded.
3. book your tickets to the famous museum(s) online, ahead of time as it will save you at least 1 hr in line. be careful to have just 1 window open on your computer otherwise you’ll end up with twice as many tickets as you’ll need. there is a non-refundable booking fee.
4. do much less than you’d planned back home. cut the program in half.
5. ALWAYS ask the locals where the best coffee is, the best lunch, the best whatever. English is spoken in Florence and nice visitors are always helped. This way you avoid the tourist traps and are pointed into the real Italian experience.
6. do not diet. lunch in Italy is a 3 course meal.


When you come to Rome, let me know.


Oooh, I miss Florence so much! I agree with Melissa above, seeing the David is a must – it literally takes your breath away when you first see it. Boboli Gardens is a really pretty place to just wander around and chill. And if you have the time and the ability, there’s this restaurant in this little town called Lamole which is in the Chianti region of Tuscany (outside of Florence). It may be totally out of your way, but if you can get there – GO! It’s called Ristoro di Lamole. The drive out there is amazingly gorgeous and it is hands down the best restaurant in the world. The people there are incredibly hospitable and the head waiter guy speaks like 5 languages fluently. It’s amazing. It’s high in the hills so you overlook these beautiful olive groves. Okay, I’ll stop gushing. enjoy your trip!

Amy P

Prepare to spend! I traveled around Europe a couple summers ago and I bought almost all of the few souvenirs I bought in Florence. Lots of leather goodies. Also, buy wearable things. Trinkets become clutter; clothes and jewelry get to be worn and admired!

Dacia @ Lemon Drop Life

The David, The Duomo, and The Ponte Vecchio are must sees for sure. But also,you must visit Fiesole..it’s a small town right outside Florence. It gives you STUNNING views of the city!


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