LEFTOVERS: Navajo Turkey Tacos w/Bonus Stuffing Fritters

Have you ever had a navajo taco?  If not, then you have not lived.  Make some fry bread (takes five minutes) and add leftover turkey fixins, deelish.  While the oil is hot toss in some hand-shaped stuffing patties, serve with gravy.  YUM!

Recipe after the jump…
And thanks for the post TheKitchn!

Whip together a quick fry-bread dough.  For eight pieces of fry bread mix together:
2 cups all purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon of sugar
2 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 cup warm water

Flour your hands and shape into two balls (mash it all together but don’t knead it).  Cut each ball into four pieces:

Flatten each pice into an approximate circle 5″-7″ in diameter:
Heat some canola or vegetable oil (abut an inch deep).  When it’s hot put a piece of fry bread into it for a couple minutes, push it down so some oil covers the top:
then turn it over to fry the other side for a couple minutes more.
Meanwhile shred some turkey and microwave it, and some mashed potatoes too:

While your oil is still hot might as well shape some stuffing into little patties and flour the outside.  I like to think I just invented this this afternoon but I’m sure it has been done before:

and fry those up for two minutes or so on each side:
assemble your fixins, your leftovers and some greens and some sour cream and salsa:
Assemble your tacos like so:
Add mashed potatoes to fry bread:
Now turkey:
A little sour cream:
Some salsa:
A few stuffing fritters with leftover gravy:
Now fold your Navajo Turkey Taco and EAT!




Shelley, hi! those plates are jonathan adler – they were a wedding gift i think from macy's three years ago. i love them so much but you can't put them in the microwave because of the gold foil, it can be a bit of a pain!


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